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Industry Group To
Provide Biosecurity Advice

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Federal Agriculture Minister Senator Bridget McKenzie

November 27, 2019

The Federal Government has set up a new group, Biosecurity Futures, to provide strategic industry advice to the Agriculture Minister on biosecurity.

The new Futures group will provide advice on current and emerging biosecurity risks, and challenges and opportunities in the system.

“Close co-operation between government and industry is essential if we’re to stay a step ahead of global threats like African swine fever, a disease that could wipe out our pig industry and the 36,000 jobs the industry supports,” Agriculture Minister Bridget McKenzie said.

“It’s important that the actions of government and industry are complementary and that we learn from one another so we can leverage efficiencies and avoid unintended consequences of regulation.

“This group was one of the eight recommendations put forward to me by the Biosecurity Imports Levy Industry Steering Committee in June.”

The Biosecurity Futures group will be chaired by the Minister and will meet twice a year, or as needed, to discuss biosecurity concerns, the impact of biosecurity measures on various industries – not just agriculture – and ways to improve the biosecurity system.

The eight initial members are: 

  • Paul Zalai, Freight and Trade Alliance
  • Margo Andrae, Australian Pork Limited
  • Stephen Annells, Fertilizer Australia
  • Carolyn McGill, Food and Beverage Importers Association
  • Jane Lovell, Seafood Industry Australia
  • Tania Constable, Mineral Council of Australia
  • Tony Mahar, National Farmers’ Federation
  • Margy Osmond, Tourism and Transport Forum

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2 Responses to Industry Group To
Provide Biosecurity Advice

  1. Bill Weir

    I am surprised the Minerals Council of Australia is included on this new advisory board. When did coal and iron ore pose a biosecurity risk to Australia?

  2. Disgruntled

    I am not surprised that the Minerals council is included. You see, minerals are NOT produced in controlled factories. The extractions are from far and wide and some of the mines would be surrounded by very serious bio-security risky things ie. wildlife, weeds, water etc. Now if there were to be any outbreak these very mining companies would play a very big part in trying to stem the outbreak so my view is that they are one of the very important members to have, and I would consider that membership to be extremely vital!!!

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