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13 Fire Crews At Goodger

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A fire unit heads towards the seat of the Goodger fire

October 21, 2019

Thirteen fire crews are at at a bushfire burning on a property on Neale Road at Goodger.

At 4:45pm, the fire had not been contained.

A QFES spokesperson said machinery was helping to clear a firebreak and firefighters were doing backburning.

A house was located nearby but was not under direct threat.

The fire was burning in an easement along the western side of the property.

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At least 10 fire crews have been called to a grassfire burning near Neale and Staiers roads at Goodger.

The fire was reported to emergency services just after 2:00pm on Monday.

At 3:10pm, a QFES spokesperson said firefighters were working to contain the blaze.

Smoke is affecting the area and motorists have been urged drive with caution.

[Published originally as “Grassfire At Goodger”]

Stuart River Rural Brigade volunteers at the Goodger fire

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