The number of cattle offered for sale at the most recent fortnightly Murgon sales was roughly half the usual roll-up, but prices stayed fully firm across most descriptions (Photo: Pratt Agencies)

October 15, 2019

by Pratt Agencies

Numbers were reduced to 400 in Murgon at the last fortnightly cattle sale on Tuesday, October 1.

All descriptions remained fully firm on the last sale with the exception of the weaner heifer market, which was tougher.

Cattle were drawn from Mundubbera, Mt Perry, Coringa, Gayndah, Nanango, Tansey, Kingaroy, Kilkivan and the Murgon area.

Sale results:

  • Heavy bulls sold to $2.65 and $2300
  • Bullocks topped at $2.93/kg
  • Cows over 500kg topped at $2.37/kg, averaging $2.20/kg
  • Cows 400–500kg sold to a top of $2.18/kg
  • Lighter Cows under 400kg sold to $1.70/kg
  • Export heifers sold to $2.77/kg and $1430
  • 423kg Charolais steers from Mt Perry sold for $1185 at $2.80/kg
  • Droughtmaster steers from Tansey sold for $1125 at $2.76/kg
  • Brahman steers weighing 435kg sold for $2.64/kg, returning $1150
  • 326kg Droughtmaster steers sold for $2.40/kg and $782
  • Three pens of Santa weaner steers from Gayndah sold for $2.59/kg to average 270kg and $700, the lead pen selling for $773
  • Charbray weaner steers also from Gayndah sold for $2.53/kg and $612
  • 396kg Charbray heifers from Mt Perry sold for $2.48/kg, returning $930
  • Two pens of Droughtmaster heifers from Tansey sold for $2.44/kg and $2.33/kg to average $808 at 335 kilograms
  • 305kg Santa heifers from Gayndah sold to $2.20/kg for $671
  • A fair percentage of the weaner heifers yarded sold from $1.65/kg to $1.85/kg

The next Murgon sale will be held on Tuesday, October 15 at 8:00am.

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