September 16, 2019

At 5:15pm, Monday: Fire crews are no longer required at this incident.


At 1:10pm, Monday:

Three QFES crews are at a fire burning near Franks Road and Cameron Road, Taromeo.

A QFES spokesperson said the fire was posing no threat to property at this time but smoke may affect the local area.

Firefighters are working to extinguish the fire, which is burning within containment lines.

Firefighters services were called to the incident just before noon.

* * *

At 1:51pm, Monday:

Four QFES crews are a bushfire burning near Kilcoy-Murgon Road at Jimna (Jinka Hill).

This fire broke out about 1:30pm on Sunday afternoon and is posing no threat to property at this time.

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