Taabinga Downs Estate
The developers of Kingaroy’s Taabinga Downs Estate have been given a six-year extension to their development approval after the original developer defaulted on the property’s mortgage

August 28, 2019

A controversial Kingaroy residential development first approved in 2014 has had its development approval extended to September 2024 by the South Burnett Regional Council.

At last week’s meeting, Councillors granted a six-year extension to the Taabinga Downs project.

They also approved a number of changes to the project’s original development conditions caused by changes to State planning laws during the intervening period.

The 265-lot project, which would have been marketed as an as an over-50s lifestyle village and include a 116-lot relocatable home park, split the Council when it was first proposed.

Councillors originally rejected the proposal by four votes to three, but later approved it when the developer threatened to take Council to the Planning and Environment Court.

At last Wednesday’s meeting, Councillors heard the original development approval had been set to expire in September 2018.

But six months before this occurred, Council was advised PCQ Partners Pty Ltd had taken control of the property after the original landowner, Logan Central Pty Ltd, defaulted on its mortgage.

PCQ Partners Pty Ltd subsequently sold the land to PCN Partners, who are currently managing the title as mortgagee-in-possession.

The new owners then began the long and complex process of submitting updated plans for the development to Council.

Councillors were told last week that as part of this process, PCN Partners had requested the original development approval be given a six-year extension to September 2024.

Officers recommended Council approve the extension, and Councillors agreed.

Mayor Keith Campbell told southburnett.com.au he was uncertain when work on the project would start.

The new owners will be required to pay Council $2.3 million in infrastructure charges before any work begins.

At present, the site for Taabinga Downs is an empty paddock next to Kelvyn Street and Oasis Drive.

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When completed, Taabinga Downs would house a 116-lot relocatable home park and the balance would be an over-50s lifestyle village made up of compact two-bedroom homes
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Downer Position Vacant - click here

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