Cherbourg economic development officer Sean Nicholson hopes to have the Container Refund Point up and running in Kingaroy in September

July 30, 2019

A Container Refund Point to fill the recycling gap left by the closure of the Re.Turn-It Express branch at Lifeline will open in Kingaroy in September.

The Kingaroy point will work in conjunction with Cherbourg’s successful Containers for Change depot.

Cherbourg Aboriginal Shire Council economic development officer Sean Nicholson said the new facility would be located in the Kingaroy Industrial Estate.

A lease on the building, in Kingaroy Street, was in the process of being finalised.

Sean said the facility would make EFT refunds to customers dropping off containers (ie. not cash).

At this stage, the depot would not handle non-refundable recycling but this could become an option in future.

There will be a front entrance where people can drop in bags as well as a drive-through option at the back for bulk deliveries.

It is expected about five people will be employed at the depot.

“We will be trying to get it open from Monday to Saturday but we will judge what the demand is after we open,” Sean said.

“We will start small and see how it goes.”

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  1. John Carey  July 30, 2019

    Fantastic for everyone, Sean and Andrew and team!


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