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Pause For Meandu Creek

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Stanwell will stop discharging water into Meandu Creek for 10 days so downstream farmers can
repair culverts that cross it (Photo: Nanango Real Estate)

July 9, 2019

Stanwell has temporarily stopped discharging water into Meandu Creek so property owners can repair culverts that cross it.

The announcement was made on Tuesday.

A Stanwell spokesperson said the company had taken the action at the request of farmers living downstream from Tarong Power Station’s Meandu Creek Dam.

“In consultation with our environment team and the Meandu-Barkers Creek Water Advisory Committee, we are working on the basis that it could take up to a week for the water flow to stop sufficiently at the properties to enable them to commence repairs, which are expected to take two days,” the spokesperson said.

“During this time it may become noticeable – particularly on the D’Aguilar Highway north of Nanango – that the creek has little or next to no water in it for a short period.

“It is anticipated the discharges will recommence around July 17 or 18, but if there is any unexpected delay we will provide a further update.”

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