Many competitors had never been to Boondooma Dam before, and said they were very impressed with the dam’s facilities

May 28, 2019

The Boondooma Open fishing competition held at Boondooma Dam on May 18-19 looks set to become an annual event.

On Tuesday, Mayor Keith Campbell said he was very happy with the way the competition was organised and the positive feedback it generated.

He would now like to see it expand into a multi-regional event that involved neighbouring regions as well.

The Mayor said he attended the Boondooma Open on the first day of the competition, and stayed until the evening fireworks and major raffle prize draw.

He was impressed with how well the event had been prepared and how much all the participants he spoke to were enjoying it.

Most other Councillors also attended – two even camped at the dam over the weekend – and he felt confident they received the same impression.

“Our Tourism Ambassador Matthew Mott did a really great job putting the Boondooma Open together,” the Mayor said.

The next step would be to see if other dams could also get involved to set up a “fishing trail” that would encourage fishers to visit multiple dams across adjoining regions.

To encourage this trail’s development, he believed Council would continue to sponsor the Boondooma Open next year, although that was a decision that would need to be made by all councillors after they assessed the results in detail.

Chief organiser Matthew Mott told he was also very pleased with the way the Open had worked out.

“Local numbers were down a bit on what we expected but that could have been due to the Federal Election or a large number of competing events that weekend,” Matthew said.

“We had 51 teams take part in the fishing competition and it drew people from all over south-east Queensland, many of whom had never been to Boondooma Dam before.”

Matthew said many visitors had been “blown away” by the dam’s facilities and told him they intended to return because they’d had such a good time.

He understood the Open had booked all the dam’s cabins, and the competition attracted large numbers of campers and caravanners, as well.

While the number of guests wasn’t as large as the annual Boondooma Yellowbelly, which celebrated its 31st birthday in February, Matthew said he was pleased with the turnout for an inaugural event and was confident the Open would grow over time.

He also praised South Burnett Regional Council for supporting the concept.

“When Council first approached me about the idea, I wanted to try it but I was reluctant to commit to a longer-term arrangement until I found out what they were like to work with,” Matthew said.

“But they were very, very helpful and I was really impressed with the interest councillors showed in the whole process.

“They just let me get on with it.

“So if they’re happy to build a Festival Of The Dams, I’m happy to work with them to make it happen.”

Matthew said he wanted to emphasise the Open was not in competition with the Yellowbelly, but was an addition to the dam’s attractions.

“The Yellowbelly is run by the dam’s Fish Stocking Association and supported by local sponsors, and they all do a fantastic job,” he said.

“I know because I’m a member of the Fish Stocking Association myself.

“But the Open is supported by sponsors from outside the region, and the thinking behind it is that if we expose Boomndooma Dam to people who’ve never been here before, then Council will benefit from more bookings and the Yellowbelly will benefit from more exposure.

“So it’s a win-win for everyone, really.”

[Photos: Matthew Mott and Cr Kathy Duff]

South Burnett tourism ambassador Matthew Mott is happy with the results from the inaugural Boondooma Open, and is looking forward to the event growing in 2020
Boondooma Open competitors were out early both mornings to get a head start on their opponents
In all, 51 teams took part in the inaugural event, slightly more than the maximum number planned
Back on shore, spectators could pass the time browsing a wide assortment of market and food stalls, while children could enjoy amusement rides
Students from Proston State School took the opportunity of the Open to do a little fund-raising of their own
Eric, Joan and Amber Spicer chatted with Deputy Mayor Kathy Duff in front of the brightly decorated amusement ride the trio brought along

* * *

2019 Boondooma Open Results:

Top 3 Total Number Of Fish Caught:

1. Born to Fish (16 x fish)
2. Modern Jack 2 (12 x fish)
3. Team Donkey (10 x fish)

Top 10 Total Length Of Fish Caught:

1. Modern Jack 2 (6 x fish = 2.70m)
2. Born To Fish (6 x fish = 2.69m)
3. We’ll Fish Here (6 x fish = 2.69m)
4. Bass Destruction (6 x fish = 2.24m)
5. Team Donkey (6 x fish = 2.20m)
6. SP Lures (6 x fish = 2.13m)
7. Team Brumby (6 x fish = 2.06m)
8. Getiminya (5 x fish = 1.78m)
9. D’Aguilar Dags (5 x fish = 1.70m)
10. Black Magic (5 x fish = 1.58m)

Biggest Golden Perch

Hook, Line and Drinkers (52cm)

Biggest Bass

Modern Jack 2 (51cm)

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