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Coalition Promises Ag Show Grants

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Federal Agriculture Minister and Member for Maranoa David Littleproud

May 8, 2019

Agriculture Minister and Member for Maranoa David Littleproud has promised that a re-elected Coalition Federal Government will establish a $20 million grants scheme to boost agricultural shows.

“Country shows bring locals together and showcase the region’s best products and contributions to the community.” Mr Littleproud said.

“That’s why the Regional Agricultural Show Development Grants Program is so important.

“The annual show is a time when everyone in the community is drawn together to support and enjoy what’s best about their district.

“This funding would provide great incentives for show societies to build new infrastructure and maintain existing facilities.”

Mr Littleproud said that, as well, $720,000 would be allocated to Agricultural Shows Australia, the peak body that represents 580 Australian agricultural shows.

The money would be used to promote the role of farming to city people and younger generations.

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3 Responses to Coalition Promises Ag Show Grants

  1. Ben

    $20 Million in Grants, $720,000 to the peak body of Agricultural shows equates to around $35,700 per show held across the nation, going on the 580 number of shows. Will the grant monies be like the near-impossible to meet criteria “low interest loans”, or like the Northern Australia Fund that lies in the clouds of unfunded/spent on its intended area, the north of Australia.

    The $720k equates to about $1240 per show to promote farming, so an advertising program.

  2. Bill Weir

    $20 million to 580 shows equates to $34,482 per show, which sounds a lot. But the devil – as with all announcements around election time – is in the detail.

    Over how many years will this funding be spread? What will Shows have to do to get it? Will the money be apportioned on a straight-line basis, or will it be scaled to the number of people attending? (ie big shows like the EKKA get more, and little ones like Goomeri get much less).

    I know our local Show Societies would welcome more funding, but until the details come out I’ll reserve judgment on whether this a good idea or not.

  3. Ben

    Good call there, Bill. As I referenced, the LNP has set examples already on how they “approve” fundings, ie NAIF and low-interest loans to farmers struggling.

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