The single-lane, low-level bridge is prone to flooding, severing an important north-south transport link (Photo: MJRWG)
ALP candidate for Flynn Zac Beers

May 3, 2019

The dangerous John Peterson Bridge on Mundubbera-Durong Road now looks set to get its much-needed upgrade, no matter which party wins the upcoming Federal Election.

ALP candidate for Flynn Zac Beers has matched a commitment by LNP candidate Ken O’Dowd to provide the funds for the upgrade of the single-lane bridge.

And while the LNP has budgeted $20 million for the project, the Labor Party has promised $24 million.

On Friday, the Mundubbera to Jandowae Roads Working Group – which has been lobbying all levels of government for the project – welcomed the announcement of funding by Opposition Leader Bill Shorten.

The low-level, flood-prone bridge is part of a vital freight route which links the North and South Burnett regions.

Mundubbera to Jandowae Roads Working Group chair Georgie Somerset said the commitment by Mr Shorten re-affirmed the critical role the John Peterson Bridge played.

“The actions of both major political parties in committing to support the upgrade of this bridge demonstrates how vital it is to the region,” Mrs Somerset said.

“A safe, efficient north-south route is of the utmost importance in the inland Burnett with a range of sectors, including agriculture and resources, depending on it for the movement of products and raw materials.

“The Mundubbera to Jandowae Roads Working Group appreciates the support from Labor candidate for Flynn, Zac Beers, and the $24 million announcement from Labor.

“Their commitment to the much-needed John Peterson Bridge project is a great step towards improving this important inland route.”

North Burnett Mayor Rachel Chambers said the commitment by Labor was “fantastic news” which encouraged confidence in the region.

“Investment in this regional priority will see an improved inland linkage with increased resilience to disasters such as flood events also providing a safe, efficient route for current and future development,” she said.

In a Facebook post, Mr O’Dowd accused the Labor Party of playing “catch-up” and said the promised funding for the bridge would “be on the never-never”.

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One Response to "$24m Promise To Replace Bridge"

  1. Good boy Zac, It’s a much-needed job even if your promise came after the other guy’s promise. Hmmmmmm!

    Hey, while you are on roads how about giving the Qld Govt a big tune-up on their lack of action on the narrow and extremely dangerous road near the Wheatlands School? Somebody will surely die there before long. I have needed to travel that section recently during kid drop off and collect and I can assure you it is very, very scary indeed – especially in damp conditions. How must it be for the mothers and the kids who must use that road? They cannot be dropped off a k or two away and be made to walk.

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