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May Opening For Bunnings

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Kingaroy store manager Chris Carter, second from right, with Bunnings team members Braden Bunker, Mitch Nuske and Rebecca Manuel … getting ready for the store opening

April 11, 2019

The $17 million Bunnings Warehouse in Kingaroy will officially open late next month.

The company confirmed on Thursday that more than 65 residents were now official “team members” of the store.

Complex manager Chris Carter, who has been a part of the Bunnings team for 13 years, said team members had already been out and about in the community.

“Team members have been supporting community groups already, including lending a hand to the Kingaroy Red Ants to support their new kitchenette installation, as well as hosting an employment and training workshop at the Kingaroy Clontarf Academy,” Chris said.

He said the team had also helped to renovate local QCWA rooms, including replanting garden beds, replacing roller blinds and repainting the stairs, deck and ramp areas.

“Bunnings is always looking for opportunities to contribute to local causes and we look forward to continuing to support community groups in Kingaroy and the local area with hands-on projects in the future,” Chris said.

“Bunnings provides a wide range of meaningful career development options for all team members, and I’m confident our new recruits will relish the opportunity to learn and grow with us.”

And yes … there’ll be sausage sizzles.

Chris said the Kingaroy store would provide ongoing support to community groups to raise funds for a variety of causes by hosting Bunnings’ famous sausage sizzles.

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4 Responses to May Opening For Bunnings

  1. Brian Mansfield

    Hi, I think it’s brilliant having Bunnings here in Kingaroy, and it’s not before time. I feel the staunch don’t like progress as it might upset their apple cart which has been negative for so long. Don’t you worry about that! It will be great to see smiles on the faces of the young who have a better chance of getting a job and not having to leave the area.

  2. Neil van Ek

    I agree with these comments wholeheartedly. Opens the doors for healthy competition.

  3. Grant

    It’s about time Kingaroy came out from under great-granddad’s apron and got with the real world. Bunnings will be great for Kingaroy and the only ones against it are the handful of people who own all the business in town and what they say goes. Don’t worry peoples, great-great-granddaddy won’t roll over in his grave.

  4. Sharon Kennedy

    It’s great Bunnings is here at last, give these other shops a bit of competition in the community.

    Kingaroy was bit dead with a lot of shops closing down. All we need is Kmart now, as promised years ago. Just love Bunnings, thank you.

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