Brian Tessmann
QDO president Brian Tessmann

March 20, 2019

The decision by Coles and Aldi to kill off $1 per litre milk has been welcomed by Queensland dairy farmers and MPs from both sides of politics.

“While we celebrated when Woolworths first announced the removal of $1 milk from its shelves, the dairy industry could not claim success until Coles, Australia’s second largest supermarket in terms of market share, also agreed,” Queensland Dairyfarmers Organisation president Brian Tessmann said.

“That Aldi followed closely behind is no surprise.

“We are delighted by Coles’ announcement.

“They have recognised that a fixed base price for milk was unsustainable and it is great that Coles appears keen to play a key role in helping move the Australian dairy industry forward.

“$1 milk is dead and gone and it’s time to move on.

We’re looking forward to working closely with all retailers, processors and government to address the larger systemic issues within the dairy industry.

“Finding and implementing long-term, sustainable structural reforms is our next goal. Getting there will need to be a concerted effort by all parties.

“Having key political leaders including Agriculture Minister David Littleproud, Llew O’Brien and Matt Canavan keep the pressure on supermarkets throughout our campaign has been instrumental.

“Their continued support and the support of all politicians will be imperative to move the dairy industry forward.”

* * *

Federal Agriculture Minister and Member for Maranoa David Littleproud said it had been a “key commitment” by him to break the $1 / litre model.

“I said I’d never apologise to supermarkets over $1 milk and I never did,” he said.

“Both Coles and Aldi have held discussions with me and I welcome this important first step.

“It’s time farmers received fair reward for their effort. These people produce our food.

“Last week I announced a Dairy Code of Conduct which will outlaw exclusive contracts, retrospective price cuts and deduction of loyalty payments so farmers can shift to another processor more easily, creating more competition for their milk.

“I’m pleased with (the) announcement, but won’t stop fighting for a fairer price for farmers’ right across the dairy range.”

* * *

Queensland Agriculture Minister Mark Furner also supported the news of fairer milk pricing from the supermarkets.

“I welcome the news of Aldi and Coles to offer a fairer price for their fresh milk, following the lead of Woolworths last month,” Mr Furner said.

“Every Queenslander knows the impact drought and lower prices have had on dairy farmers.

“Hopefully this will lead directly to more money in the pockets of farmers who are doing it tough.”

Mr Furner said there had never been a more important time to support Queensland farmers.

“I continue to urge shoppers to support Queensland’s dairy farmers, and to support Queensland’s primary producers,” he said.

“That why we have just launched our #eatqld campaign to encourage Queenslanders to share when they have a great bit of Queensland produce, by using social media to snap it, share it and use the hashtag #eatqld.

“Consumers have the power to force change, and I encourage consumers to choose fairly priced Queensland produce from supermarkets that support Queensland farmers.”

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One Response to "$1 Milk ‘Dead And Gone’"

  1. Ross Trevor  March 20, 2019

    Not for long. Market forces will determine milk prices as the country opens up to international trade in and out of the country. With both Australian and international production adding to competition, the $1 milk retail price is a long from over. In fact, milk retail prices could fall below the $1 litre price.


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