Barry and Mary Green … the Green family has been making significant contributions to the Nanango community for 120 years … the family will now be honoured by Council

February 25, 2019

One of Nanango’s pioneering families will be recognised for 120 years of contributions to the local community.

At last week’s Council meeting, Councillors voted unanimously to rename an al fresco street feature on the northern side of Drayton Street near Orchy’s Fruit Shop as “Green Family Place”.

Councillors were told the honour will recognise the historical contribution the Green family has made to the Nanango district.

The decision puts an end to one of the longest debates ever seen about naming a piece of public infrastructure by South Burnett Regional Council – one which lasted for almost six months.

The motion to rename the street feature “Barry and Mary Green Place” was first put to the Council in September last year by former South Burnett Mayor Wayne Kratzmann.

Officers told the meeting the request had been made to recognise the significant contribution the couple had made to the Nanango area and the surrounding community during the course of their lives.

They also said the name was not currently in use anywhere in the Council’s area, and complied with Council’s Infrastructure Asset Naming Policy.

However, Cr Roz Frohloff told the meeting she believed naming the feature after the couple was “up to the community” and should go out to public consultation in accordance with Council’s Community Engagement Policy.

Mayor Keith Campbell agreed, and the motion was amended for community consultation to be undertaken first.

The issue then lay on the table for six months until the February meeting.

During this period, the Council collected the opinions of the general public through a poll at the Drayton Street Customer Service Centre, and through one-on-one meetings with some residents.

While this was occurring, Barry and Mary made it known that if the feature was to be renamed at all, they preferred it be named to recognise the Green family rather than themselves.

After the decision was announced, Barry Green told he was pleased his family would be recognised in this way.

An official unveiling ceremony for Green Family Place will be held at a date to be determined.

The al fresco area near Orchy’s Fruit Shop in Nanango will be renamed “Green Family Place” to honour one of Nanango’s pioneering families (Photo: Star Motel)

* * *

Goodes Inn, built in 1848, was the first building in Nanango … and the first member of the Green family to visit it dropped by three years later in 1851

A Brief History Of The Green Family

The Green family first became associated with Nanango when John Green stopped at Goodes Inn to get supplies on a trip to the former Wide Bay Village in 1851.

Goodes Inn had only been established three years earlier, and land around Nanango wasn’t put up for sale until the Queensland Selection Act was enacted more than 30 years later.

But John Green’s sons were quick to act on the announcement, when it came.

In 1899 James Green, his wife Ann (Sawtell) and their five young children left the Illawarra district, travelled to Nanango and took up selection at Barkers Creek.

His brother Lewis followed a few years later, marrying Agnes (Logan) and eventually settling at ‘Omega’ in 1908.

Their remaining brother George arrived and settled at South Nanango in 1914.

The Green family went on to serve on both the former Nanango Shire Council and the South Burnett Regional Council for a combined total of almost a century.

James was the first serve in 1912, and he was followed by his brother Lewis (for 12 years) and then his sons Sydney and Lindsay for the next 30 years.

James Green’s grandson Harry Hunter also served on the Council from 1969–1991, and he was followed by Lewis’ grandson Barry from 1982–1988 (Nanango Shire Council) and 2008-2016 (South Burnett Regional Council).

The family has also been deeply involved in the community for four generations.

Various members have had involvement in the former Nanango Dairy Co-Operative, the Nanango Ambulance Board, the Nanango-Yarraman Fire Brigade, the Nanango QCWA and the management committee of the Karinya aged care facility.

They also shared a deep commitment to the Nanango Show Society, with various family members serving as Show president for 21 years, another as treasurer for 25 years, and others as stewards for 40 years.

To this day, the family remain keen supporters, stewards and exhibitors at the annual Nanango Show.

Both Lindsay and his brother Aubrey served their country in World War II, and on his return Lindsay was appointed a trustee of the Shire Patriotic Society from 1946 to his death in 1976.

For 30 years, this group meet twice a year in Green’s Shoe Shop and administered the Shire’s funds to assist defence personal and their dependents.

Lindsay’s sister Thelma – whose husband Jack Morrison died during World War II – was a foundation member of the War Widows Guild of Queensland and the local branch of the Laurel Club.

These days, family members are actively involved in:

  • Nanango Race Club
  • Nanango Tourism and Development Association
  • Brisbane Valley Heritage Trails Inc.
  • Nanango RSL Memorial Club
  • Burnett Bird Keepers Association
  • Nanango Show Society
  • Nanango History Room

The family also has extensive sporting connections in rugby league, lawn bowls, swimming and horse racing.

Many branches of John Green’s direct descendants still live in the South Burnett.


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2 Responses to "Council Honours Nanango Family"

  1. John Box  February 25, 2019

    Congratulations Barry, Mary and the Green family for eventually being recognised for your massive contribution to the Nanango and South Burnett communities – so richly deserved

  2. Andrew Green  February 25, 2019

    Lovely story, mate. Very proud of my family heritage and contribution they have made and continue to make to Nanango. Thank you.


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