The al fresco area next to the Little Drayton Street laneway in Nanango will be renamed “Barry and Mary Green Place” if the community agrees (Photo: Star Motel)

September 19, 2018

A proposal to rename an al fresco area next to the Little Drayton Street laneway in Nanango “Barry and Mary Green Place” will be turned over to the Nanango community for a final decision.

At Wednesday’s monthly Council meeting, officers said the Council had received a request from former Mayor Wayne Kratzmann to rename the streetscape feature in honour of the former Councillor and his wife to recognise the couple’s significant contribution to the Nanango district.

Barry Green served two terms on Nanango Shire Council, where he played a key role in getting modern streetlighting installed in Nanango’s CBD.

After retiring for several years he returned to local government in 2008, serving two more terms on the South Burnett Regional Council where he agitated for – and then oversaw – the development of Nanango’s CBD streetscape project.

Barry has also played significant roles in regional rugby league and the Nanango Race Club, and agitated for the development of a community bank in the town.

He was also a popular local radio broadcaster, and currently serves as president of the Nanango Tourism and Development Association.

His wife Mary was manager of the Nanango Visitor Information Centre for many years and researched many local history topics, uncovering important aspects of the town’s history that would otherwise have been forgotten or lost.

She continues to undertake historical research at the Ringsfield school house, and until last year served many terms as NaTDA’s secretary.

The couple has also played important roles in the development of the former Blackbutt-Linville rail trail, which has now evolved into the Brisbane Valley Rail Trail connecting Wulkuraka to Yarraman.

Wednesday’s meeting was told that there is no similar name in use anywhere in the South Burnett and the proposal conformed with Council’s Infrastructure Asset Naming Policy.

However, Mayor Keith Campbell pointed out that Nanango’s streetscape is a community asset and Council has no prior experience renaming parts of a streetscape.

“In these circumstances, I think public consultation is the appropriate way to approach this,” he said.

The Mayor said the Council would decide what to do after the community had been consulted about the idea.

Barry and Mary Green are lifelong Nanango residents and have made significant contributions to the community over many years, some of which have permanently changed the face of the town

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