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Bunya Mountains Road Upgrade Inadequate

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The Bunya Mountains are one of the South Burnett's major tourist attractions, but the Maidenwell Bunya Mountains Road is primitive and dangerous, and planned upgrades don't come close to what needs to be done to fix this (Photo:

December 3, 2018

There are many State Government managed roads around the South Burnett which need urgent upgrades, but I know many local residents would agree with me that one of the most desperate is the Maidenwell-Bunya Mountains Road.

The Maidenwell-Bunya Mountains Road is the main connector to the popular Bunya Mountains, yet it remains a dangerous road.

I have been fighting to have this road fixed for many years and we are finally seeing a small amount of funding assigned to clearing the sides of the roads and the installation of some signage.

These works are schedule to start soon and will be undertaken in two locations: the first will be a 750m stretch at approximately 2.5 kilometres west of Maidenwell, and the second will be a one kilometre stretch 12 kilometres west of Maidenwell

However, this is nowhere near enough to make this road safe.

There is a lengthy unsealed section, dangerous corners and near misses on this road each and every day.

I understand the importance roads like the Maidenwell-Bunya Mountains Road, but this city-centric Palaszczuk Labor Government wouldn’t even know it exists.

That’s why regional Queenslanders continue to suffer from a lack of new infrastructure projects and investment in regional roads.

I will continue to fight for our fair share of funding and to improve the lives of our hard-working regional families.

* * *

Members of the Red Earth Foundation contingent during their recent visit to Parliament House

Red Earth Comes To Brisbane

The South Burnett came to Parliament last month with a ‘Making Change Happen’ study tour hosted by the Red Earth Community Foundation.

Earlier this year the Foundation secured funding to host four inspirational seminars and two study tours that focussed on important aspects of developing our communities.

The State Parliament study tour gave people who attended the seminars the opportunity to see where change actually happens (ie State Parliament) up close.

It was a pleasure to host the group as they toured Parliament and got a first-hand insight into how State Government works.

Wonderful to have you all visit!

* * *

With students from Coolabunia SS to celebrate 100 per cent of the school achieving their reading goals in the Premier’s Reading Challenge

Supporting Our Schools

Visiting our schools to talk with students, staff and parents is always a priority for me as the local Member.

In November, I headed to Taabinga State School to celebrate Tuckshop Day.

I also visited St Patricks School at Nanango to congratulate student Jaycee Trace on her equestrian achievements, and I’ve just been to Coolabunia SS to present certificates to students who participated in the Premiers Reading Challenge.

As the 2018 school year draws to a close, I’d like to thank and congratulate our teachers and school staff for their dedication to ensuring a great education for our children.

* * *

Our School Air-conditioning Pledge

Recently scorching temperatures hit our Electorate, and it reinforced the need for the LNP’s plan to air-condition every state school classroom. 

At present, air-conditioning isn’t compulsory in state schools in southeast Queensland.

But if we believe that it’s good enough to we air-condition our other public buildings, then it should be good enough for our kids and teachers as well. 

The LNP’s plan to air-condition classrooms will lead to better student results and a more comfortable working environment for our teachers, teacher aides and principals.

This is all part of our plan to make Queensland kids the smartest in the nation. 

See my video highlighting the need for this initiative.

* * *

Presenting a signed Taliqua Clancy Australian swimsuit uniform to Kingaroy State High School students Amy-Louise Kempton and Steven Wheeler, with Taliqua’s grandfather, Robert Clancy

Memorabilia Celebrates Local Sporting Hero

I was proud to present a special piece of sporting memorabilia to Kingaroy State High School recently.

It was a signed and framed Australian swimsuit uniform worn by homegrown sporting hero, Taliqua Clancy, at this year’s Commonwealth Games.

Taliqua and her partner Mariafe Artacho del Solar won silver at the Games in a breath-taking series of matches, and I’m certain they’ll go on to even greater honours in the future.

The memorabilia was donated by Taliqua’s grandparents, Jocelyn and Robert Clancy, to the South Burnett Lifeflight fundraising dinner in Kingaroy.

I took the opportunity to purchase this unique item on behalf of the community so it could be hung in the school’s sporting gallery.

That way, our students can continue to be inspired by Taliqua’s amazing accomplishments.

* * *

I snuck into the kitchen at Blackbutt’s Armistice Day dinner to meet the ladies from the QCWA who handled the catering … what a great night!

Armistace Celebrations In Blackbutt

I was privileged to attend Blackbutt’s Armistice Centenary Ball on the eve of Remembrance Day.

The Ball was organised by the Blackbuttt Armistice Celebration Committee, chaired by Trish and Wally Jacobsen, and it was part of a huge weekend of events for the town.

I even managed to slip into the kitchen where the local CWA branch was busy with the catering.

I know many other RSL Sub-Branches around the South Burnett coordinated Remembrance Day events and Armistice Centenary celebrations.

Well done to you all!

* * *

Probus are a great local group and it was an honour to speak at their November meeting in Kingaroy

Visit To Probus Kingaroy

It was an honour to be asked by the Kingaroy Probus Club to attend their November meeting. 

The meeting drew as very big roll-up, and I always enjoy catching up with the many familiar faces.

Probus are a great group of people who are active in our community, and they always welcome new members.

[Photos: Nanango Electorate Office]

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  1. Bill McIntyre

    Talk to previous Mayors and Councillors and I think you’ll get a shock that the LNP Main Roads minister made it very difficult for the council to complete serious works on this road.

  2. Cap'n McRummy

    You mean during the three whole years they have been in power over the last twenty or so years…

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