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Atahnee ‘Comes Home’ To Cherbourg

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Atahnee Simpson … the new voice being heard on Cherbourg Radio

November 20, 2018

Until now Atahnee Simpson has never actually lived in Cherbourg … but when she started work at the local community radio station this week, she felt like she’d come home.

Atahnee was raised and went to school in Ipswich, but she’s a proud Wakka Wakka woman.

She’s been visiting Cherbourg ever since she was a little girl and has many relatives living in the town, including her dad Neville.

While still at school, Atahnee began a traineeship at the Brisbane Indigenous Media Association (BIMA), completing a Certificate III in Media.

She then started working as a cadet journalist at the National Indigenous Radio Service at 98.9FM in West End, Brisbane.

Soon Atahnee was reading news bulletins, doing phone interviews, sourcing new stories, editing audio clips …

But all the time she was looking out for an opportunity to move to Wakka Wakka country.

So when a job became available recently at Cherbourg Radio, she jumped at the chance.

Atahnee began work at the radio station this week, and completed her first face-to-face interview on Tuesday (with Education Minister Grace Grace, who was visiting the town).

“I always wanted to move here,” Atahnee said.

“Last year, I was coming here every month. I have a feeling of being home, being on my land …”

Atahnee has been “learning the ropes” at Radio Cherbourg, sitting in with Chrissy B daily from 9:00am.

The plan is for Atahnee to host her own radio show from 10:00am, starting next week.

“It will be my first time doing live radio. Before everything has been pre-recorded,” she said.

“I’m nervous but very excited.”

[UPDATED with correction]

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