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Students Salute End Of School

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Students attending this year’s Murgon State High School formal arrived in wide variety of vehicles, including John Kratzmann’s beautifully restored  1939 BSA motorbike and sidecar
(Photo: Leo Geraghty)

November 18, 2018

Cheers and applause erupted from the crowd of spectators lining Gore Street on Friday evening as students from Murgon State High School paraded along the red carpet for this year’s Year 12 formal.

The hour-long parade of vehicles wended their way through the late afternoon sunlight to deposit their elegantly dressed charges for a night most will remember for the rest of their lives – the night they finished high school.

Spectators packed both sides of the road and the Royal Hotel’s balcony to patiently watch the annual spectacle, with occasional relatives pushing to the front to snap photos of their own on phones.

As usual, the cars that brought the (now former) students to the Town Hall provoked almost as much interest as the gowns and suits their occupants were wearing.

There were old favourites, such as Harvy Dascombe’s 1928 Buick, as well as an array of classic Falcons, Mustangs, Holdens and even a World War II-era BSA motorbike.

As the students stepped on to the street, they paused briefly for photographers on the red carpet.

The Class of 2018 then gathered together later outside the Town Hall for a final group photo.

Inside the hall, they enjoyed a meal and a night of festivities and fun.

[Photos courtesy Murgon Moments]

Crowds lined the footpath outside the Royal Hotel to watch the students arrive, and those who wanted a more elevated view packed the balcony …

… and on the opposite side of the road, and even more densely packed crowd waited outside Murgon’s beautifully restored art deco Town Hall (Photos: Leo Geraghty)

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