November 8, 2018

Police are urging home owners to be smarter when it comes to storing their car keys at home.

There have been two “sneak breaks” in Goomeri recently, one in Barnes Street and one in MacTaggart Street, which led to vehicle thefts.

A police spokesman said the vehicles were locked but the homes were insecure.

“Offenders came inside and helped themselves. All victims were home at the time of offences,” Senior Constable Deb Wruck, from Gympie Police, said.

“We call these ‘sneak breaks’ where offenders randomly try doors and windows to see if they are unlocked.

“Please think to place keys in a less obvious location at home … NOT on hooks on the wall, top drawers or kitchen benchtops along with your handbags, wallets and mobile phone.

“Think outside the box and make them hard to find.

“Don’t become the next victim – lock it or lose it.”

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