South Burnett boxer Stanley Green, 17, needs to raise $3300 to compete for a national title in Tasmania this November (Photo: Misty Warne)

October 25, 2018

South Burnett boxer Stanley Green wants to become a big name in boxing, and at 17 years of age is already on the path to make his dream come true.

He is already a Sunstate Boxing League Queensland champion and has now been selected to compete at the Australian Boxing Titles, which will be held in Tasmania in late November.

Now Stanley’s friends are calling on the community for help to get there.

The Kingaroy boy trains at the Ma Fu Wing Fight Club, a small but growing club run mostly by volunteers.

Club manager Tash Raven set up a GoFundMe page this week to help the young boxer.

The club is trying to raise $3300 to cover the cost of airfares, accommodation and food for Stanley and his support crew.

Stanley trains three times a day and Tash said his focus and commitment were “second to none”.

But it is Stanley’s actions outside the ring helping younger club members improve that Tash admires the most.

“He trains like a professional but sill remains really humble,” she said.

“He’s looked up to as a positive mentor and an inspiration by all the younger members.”

If you’d like to help Stanley achieve his dream, you can make a donation through his GoFundMe page

Apart from his dedication to the sport, Stanley also serves as a role model for younger club members
(Photo: Tash Raven)

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