Neil Trenerry, from Heritage Bank Nanango, is attacked by zombies  (Photo: Supplied)

September 25, 2018

If you google “zombie invasion” you’ll find out that it’s a plague of re-animated corpses that swamps police, the military and hospitals leading to the panicked collapse of civil society …

You have been warned.

So why would a mainstream organisation like the Heritage Bank want to support a horde of brain-eating living dead determined to take over the streets of Nanango?

Because this horde of zombies have good hearts (even if they’re not beating …)

Zombie Invasion 2018 (ZIN) will be happening in Nanango on November 24.

Organisers Seren Ahlquist and Stella Wade hope that it will be a wildly successful afternoon which will become a regular annual event on the Nanango calendar.

Under “seed funding for new events”, Heritage Bank Nanango has provided $500 in sponsorship to get the project under way.

Seren and Stella say this seed funding will go a long way towards the initial start-up costs of Zombie Invasion and thanked Heritage Bank Nanango for their continued investment in the Nanango community.

Zombie Invasion Nanango 2018 hopes to attract up to 1000 participants.

Fundraising from this first Zombie event will be applied to the All-inclusive Park Playground project at Butter Factory Park.

“This community effort hopes to raise about $75,000 to install specialised play equipment, build additional infrastructure, and establish sensory gardens in Butter Factory Park,” Seren said.

Seren and Stella hope the whole community – including schools, businesses and sporting groups – will embrace the fun and join in with a Zombie Invasion theme week leading up to the event, which is being carried out under the auspices of the Nanango Tourism & Development Association (NaTDA)

For more information on how to purchase tickets, visit the Zombie Invasion 2018 website or the event’s Facebook page

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