Lamb Street in Murgon at night, as viewed through the town’s CCTV system … an ABC report has raised concerns the system may also be capable of sending data to China

September 12, 2018

An investigation by the ABC has raised concerns that CCTV camera systems – including the brand installed in Murgon – may be covertly sending information back to China.

The 7:30 Report has revealed that systems produced by Chinese manufacturers Hikvision and Dahua are under a security cloud internationally.

Hikvision was the brand used in the Murgon CCTV system.

The US Government banned the use of the Chinese cameras last month in government facilities amid concerns their systems posed a threat to American security.

The ABC investigation found that Hikvision and Dahua CCTV systems have been installed in a number of highly sensitive government locations in Australia, including at the Edinburgh RAAF Base in South Australia, a key location for military intelligence activities.

A Hikvision camera was removed from the base after the Department of Defence was alerted. A spokesperson said any other Chinese CCTV systems found in Defence facilities would also be removed and replaced.

Hikvision and Dahua are the world’s largest video surveillance companies and their systems are widely used in Australia.

Last September, Murgon unveiled a 54-camera, 17-site wi-fi Hikvision CCTV system which is now used by Murgon Police to watch over Lamb Street and other parts of the town’s CBD.

In June this year, Nanango also unveiled a 15-camera CCTV system used by local police to monitor Nanango’s CBD.

However, the equipment for Nanango’s system was supplied by Luxriot Evo, a US-Latvian company which is not under a security cloud.

In August, the Wondai Lions Club announced it has applied for Federal funding to install at 21-camera CCTV system in that town as well.

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  1. Onya Wayne Scott on choosing the most secure system. However, I can’t see that the Chinese would be too interested in happenings at Murgon or Wondai.

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