Hello Possums! Julie Robinson, Lynnelle Cross, Nancy Cross, Helen Greenslade, Jodi Northcott and Vicki Rossi … the best dressed team
Damien Martoo posed the biting questions

August 12, 2018

Organisers of the Kumbia State School P&C’s annual brain drain are smiling after raising another $10,000 for the school at their recent night of fun.

James Curtain, the chairman of the Brain Drain sub-committee, said it had been a terrific evening.

“There were 28 tables – the same as last year – although were were a bit worried for a while as early bookings were slow,” he said.

“But we brought in $10,000 again which is a great result for the school.”

After considering feedback from previous years, the evening wound up a bit earlier but no one seemed to mind.

Damien Martoo, from the Martoo Review, reprised his role as quizmaster, this time with a monster shark theme.

It was fitting, then, that all the Kumbia P&C volunteers on the night were dressed as lifesavers …

The theme for the 25th annual Kumbia Brain Drain was “Straya – 1993 to 2018” which was interpreted in many ways by the revellers.

There were Vegemite jars, cricketers, XXXX cans and quite a few bogans and bushmen.

There was even a table full of Dame Ednas! In fact, the “Hello Possum” team won the prize for the Best-Dressed Team.

The prize for the best-named team went to the politically incorrect, “There’s No Sticky Near My Dicky” (a bunch of flannelled funsters “sponsored” by Kool Mints and 3M sandpaper …)

The overall winning team on the night – for getting the most correct answers – was the “Wolf Creek Survivors”, who picked up a narrow victory with 67 points.

James said the feedback from the night had been very good.

“We had great support from our sponsor and we had something for almost everyone,” he said.

James said the committee had already started thinking about next year’s event, although a theme had not been selected yet.

“We are starting to look at getting a major sponsor so we could put up a strong cash prize,” he said.

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James Curtain, back row, third from left, with some of the other volunteers working hard at the recent Kumbia Brain Drain
Anna Campbell, Kingaroy; Leonie Black, Coolabunia; and Shannyn Perry, Kingaroy, were part of the Best Named team
“Good As Gold” … Bronwyn Lord, Kingaroy; Member for Nanango Deb Frecklington, and Kym Zischke, Kingaroy
“The 6 Pack” … Paul Robinson, Kumbia; and Andrew and Anita Coward, from Kingaroy
Three of the ‘Roolin Ragers … Wendy Exelby and Cheryl and John Dalton, from Wooroolin
Peter and Moira Curtain, from Boyneside
“A Rose In Every Cheek” … Tanya Glenny, Kirsty Douglass and Krystle Perrett, all from Nanango
Ross and Fiona Ezzy, from Toowoomba; and John Anderson, Kingaroy
The Kumbia Memorial Hall was again filled for another memorable Brain Drain evening

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