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High School To Mark Centenary

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Back to where it all began … a clipping from Page 6 of the Brisbane Courier , February 22, 1918
(Photo: Trove)

Brisbane Courier, December 9, 2018 … At the end of that first year, the high school had 55 pupils

July 5, 2018

A special reunion weekend has been planned on September 8-9 to mark the 100th anniversary of Kingaroy State High School.

All past and present students, staff, and other interested people have been invited to attend.

The reunion will also coincide with the official opening of the new multi-purpose building at the school.

There’ll reunion will include displays, school tours, souvenirs and a thanksgiving service in the Assembly Hall, with offerings going towards the school’s Chaplaincy Fund

More information is available on the reunion committee’s Facebook page: Kingaroy State High School 100th Anniversary of Secondary Education or email the school:
[email protected]

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A group photograph of the first teachers and students at the new Kingaroy State High School building in 1958 (click on the image for a larger version and a key to the names)

Earlier this year, retired Kingaroy businessman John Learmont recalled the huge amount of work the late Allan Swendson did in the lead-up to the 50th anniversary celebrations in 2009 of the opening of the new Kingaroy State High School building.

In 1998, an old school friend gave Allan a copy of a photograph (above) of the new high school’s first students, taken in 1958.

Allan began the task of tracking down the names of the 192 people in that photo … 175 students and 17 staff members.  Click on the image to see the result …


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4 Responses to High School To Mark Centenary

  1. Judith Edser (Curtis)

    Judith Edser (Curtis) high school 1960.

  2. Congratulations to Kingaroy State High an it’s anniversary.

    I was a student at Kingaroy in 1951-52. I attended the primary school from grade 5 to 7 (Scholarship year) and was lucky enough to fluke the highest pass for that year.

    I continued on at high school which was then part of a combined school under principal Tom Maher.

    1951 was the first year the school had an agricultural course.

    I really enjoyed my time there and have many fond memories. My science and french teacher was Malcolm Michael (just returned from the war) with a DFC which his wife truely said stood for “Dam Fine Chap” other teachers of the time were Peggy Goldberg – english; Geoff Ord – maths and Stan Schafer – commercial.

    As KHS did not go past junior at that time I finished my High School Education at Brisbane Grammar.

    I feel that KHS was easily the equal to BGS and wish KHS and the pupils every success for the future.

  3. Ms Julie Whitmee

    I will be attending the Centenary as my brother Alan Whitmee was Principal of the School for many years prior to his retirement in 1988. Alan passed away in 2015 on his 85th birthday. Our family always enjoyed our visits to him there and his devotion to the School was obvious. Kingaroy and district held a special affection for us, and I am looking forward to visiting again.

  4. John O'Neill

    Hi Judy. How are you these days? We lived just down the road from you. John O’Neill

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