Inclusive playgrounds allow children with disabilities to play with other children … at present, the South Burnett doesn’t have this type of facility (Photo: Wikipedia)
Mum Cheryl Warner and her son Jai, 7

May 3, 2018

A Nanango mother has asked for community support to get an inclusive playground built in the town so children with disabilities can have somewhere fun and safe to play.

Cheryl Warner’s seven year old son Jai is a special needs child, but none of the playgrounds in Nanango are suitable for him to use.

So last week she travelled to Yarraman to access a limited special needs playground there.

“It’s not ideal because it has no fencing and it only has one carousel that is appropriate for Jai to use,” Cheryl said.

“But it was the first time my son had ever played with other kids, and the smile on his face is something I will never forget.

“The carousel is for kids in wheelchairs but it also has seats, and other children were pushing Jai and he was laughing and smiling.

“Every child deserves the right to play.”

Cheryl said the experience had convinced her that every town should have a playground for children and adults to have fun in a safe environment, no matter what their abilities are.

So now she’s seeking community support to build a playground that would include a sensory park and play equipment for children and adults with disabilities.

“The playground would include musical equipment, be wheelchair-accessible, be visually stimulating and also cater for the hearing and vision impaired,” Cheryl said.

She would like to see the playground built in Pioneer Park, along with wheelchair-accessible toilets and change tables, and has begun to collect letters of support from the community as a first step.

These will be presented to the South Burnett Regional Council, and if the council agrees to her proposal she will begin looking for funding to build the park.

“This would be a first for our area,” Cheryl said.

“There is nothing like this park in any town near us, so it will benefit many people in our community.”

If you’d like to help Cheryl, she can be contacted on (07) 4163-3683 or 0473-733-054.

You can also email her at post a letter to her at PO Box 276, Nanango, 4615.

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  1. RogerC  May 4, 2018

    Such a great idea Cheryl, So many in our area could benefit from this and I am sure the support will be huge.


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