New Hope will continue to press for the Stage 3 expansion of the New Acland coal mine, despite a rejection of the proposal by the Land Court (Photo: TSBE)

March 19, 2018

A judicial review of last year’s recommended rejection of the controversial Stage 3 expansion of the New Acland coal mine is listed to begin in the Brisbane Supreme Court on Monday.

On May 31 last year, after the longest hearing in the 120-year history of the Land Court, the court recommended that Mines Minister Anthony Lynham and other government authorities formally reject the mining leases and environmental authorities for the $900 million proposed expansion.

The Land Court said the project could damage groundwater for farmers for hundreds of years.

“Groundwater considerations are such that the revised Stage 3 project should not proceed given the risks to the surrounding landholders and the poor state of the current model,” the judgment read.

The ruling also considered noise levels, dust and air quality issues, and koala habitat.

New Hope’s action in the Supreme Court this week seeks to send the matter back for a fresh hearing in the Land Court.

Last month, farmers opposing the project had another win when the Department of Environment and Science refused an application by the New Hope Group to amend the Environmental Authority (EA) for Stage 3.

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