Team Ironpot's "Hook" and Sonya Henschen were taking a quick and well-deserved break

February 21, 2018

Numbers were down a little, but the Team Ironpot organising committee were still very happy with the turnout at this year’s Reef’n’Beef.

“It’s been a good night,” Hook Henschen told, “and at least 40 per cent of the crowd are first-timers.”

Among the diners at the Ironpot Hall were visitors from Katherine, Hervey Bay and Rockhampton.

They enjoyed oysters, bugs, red emperor, prawns, calamari and crabs as well as export rib fillet beef and rolled rib roast.

And then there was dessert …

Reef’n’Beef  is an important fundraiser for community groups in the Ironpot area.

The annual event celebrated its 10th birthday this year.

When it began, it was a simple dinner in the hall, but it quickly outgrew this space so marquees are now erected every year in front of the building.

These provide a comfortable place for people to sit, eat, drink, chat and enjoy the live music.

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