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Damp Start To New Year

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Skye Wilson, 9, from Nanango, was soaked to the skin but was enjoying the inflatable fun

January 1, 2018

The storms that have been striking the South Burnett over the past week almost claimed another victim on Sunday … the Heritage Nanango New Year’s Eve Mardi Gras.

Organisers decided to press ahead with the Mardi Gras in Pioneer Park despite heavy rain earlier in the evening which had left the ground soft, continued showers, lightning and the threat of further storms.

Rides’n Slides initially didn’t have their amusement rides operating but as the evening progressed, the Dodgems and Climbing Wall went into operation.

Rosie’s Fun For All also had their inflatables in action. counted about 100 to 200 people at the event when at 6:00pm, members of the organising committee decided that as soon as it was dark – and provided the rain had stopped – the fireworks would be lit for the people who had supported the event despite the weather.

About 7:45pm, the first firework exploded while Pobblebonk were playing “Love Is In The Air” – the same tune that a few hours later would be playing in Sydney when their massive fireworks display began.

Sadly, this love didn’t last long in Nanango … (see Editorial below).

Nanango Men's Shed volunteers were manning the sausage sizzle and drinks ... unfortunately, they didn't have too many customers

Nanango resident Sarah Armstrong with dampened NaTDA members, from left, Gloria Kirkness, Dafyd Martindale, Barry Green and Mary Green ... NaTDA was manning a hot dog stand, and also had a lot of rolls and frankfurters left over

Joe, Pedro and Tina, aka Pobblebonk, provided the musical entertainment during the evening

Dripping from the rain, Neil Rose, from Rosie's Fun 4 All, was kept busy inflating, deflating and reinflating his amusements as the weather changed

Karla Cameron still had some some young clients keen to be painted ... Karla is working her magic on Kassidy Flood, 11, from Nanango

* * *

Editorial Comment

by Anne Miller

Some great tragedies have occurred in the South Burnett over this supposedly festive season …

A young girl lost her life in a terrible accident; a middle-aged woman was killed by an alleged hit-and-run driver; there was a suicide on Christmas Day; several families lost their homes in the Boxing Day storms while others are still struggling to keep the rain out with tarps; farmers have lost whole paddocks of crops; livestock have been killed; and a man had his home burn down.

Then there are these folks (see Facebook clips) below. They have been devastated and their New Year ruined – apparently – because a storm forced the organising committee to bring forward by a couple of hours the New Year’s Eve fireworks at Nanango (instead of cancelling the event altogether).

Who would want to try to organise any sort of event?

Volunteers spend their time (and money) to bring good things and entertainment to the people.

There are lots and lots of planning meetings, permissions and paperwork to wrestle in the months leading up to an event. And then there is the expense …

Sometimes things don’t work out the way they should, for all sorts of reasons outside the control of the organisers.

On Sunday night, it was the weather.

But that’s not enough for these whingers.

I have blanked out the names, but I was honestly tempted not to as I would love to know if any of these people have ever volunteered on any committee anywhere in the South Burnett …


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7 Responses to Damp Start To New Year

  1. Alan Bowering

    Even the weather bureau couldn’t predict the time the storm would hit. They did an excellent job under the circumstances. Should have left the names of the whingers there.

  2. Nina Temperton

    It is hard to fly like an eagle when you are surrounded by turkeys! Or putting it another way: the disapproval of some people should be worn as a badge of honour. Don’t let such selfish, ignorant whingers get under your skins – or they’ll win at the expense of the vast majority of people with enough brains to understand that sometimes the best laid plans don’t work out. Just wish that the majority would speak up as readily as the knockers!

  3. John Box

    Congratulations to the organising committee for their hard work an efforts to provide a great annual event for the Nanango Community.

    “I would love to know if any of these people have ever volunteered on any committee anywhere in the South Burnett … ” Good point Anne, I would say zero!!

    They would also have been the parents that were unavailable to attend and support school activities, volunteer at sporting events and expect somebody else to do their share of being a responsible community member.

    The negative use of Facebook by these type of individuals is becoming a blight on our society. If you can’t make a positive comment – say nothing.

  4. Pobblebonk

    To Anon… from Pobblebonk



    Sorry about the shouty capital letters but if you didn’t want to see us at least now you can hear us.

    We believe the organisers did the right thing by bringing the firework display forward to avoid possible harm to the people from maybe another storm.

    Even the weather forecasters wouldn’t have been able to predict what would happen at 9pm

    Anyway, all the best for 2019 as 2018 has been totally spoiled for you.

    – John Montgomery Ward (the ugly one on the left)

  5. Gavin Jones

    Perfectly summed up, Nina, could not have said it any better myself.

  6. Melodie Villiers

    Mother Nature is unpredictable. NYE spoiled? Reality check – be thankful that you weren’t dealt with a real tragedy – the death of a loved one, your house burned to the ground etc…..

  7. Gloria Kirkness

    There was nobody at Pioneer Park on Sunday night more deeply disappointed than the members of the Funfest Committee Inc. – the people who organised the Mardi Gras.

    We are all volunteers and just wanted to give Nanango and district residents and visitors a memorable and enjoyable New Year’s Eve event.

    Unfortunately, we had no control over the weather.

    The Committee, after working very hard throughout the year organising the event, was setting up on the night in heavy rain and were, to say the least, very wet.

    A fierce thunderstorm arrived at about 5:00pm. We were then advised that an even more severe storm front was following close behind.

    Any rides that required electricity were unable to operate early in the evening; but when they were able to be run several early attendees were given free rides.

    In light of the inclement weather conditions and the small crowd braving the elements, a decision was taken to start the fireworks as soon as it was dark, before the next storm hit.

    And so, at 07:45pm the fireworks were lit.

    The Committee’s intention to do this was advertised on Facebook about one hour previously – which was the maximum notice that we were able to give.

    We are consoled by the positive contributions of a number of your correspondents; and believe that most attendees did enjoy themselves on the night.

    We issue an open invitation to all who believe that they have something positive to contribute to join us in organising next year’s event!

    Our thanks to our sponsors Heritage Nanango Community Funding Limited – we will try harder next year – arrange better weather conditions, eh!

    Happy New Year to all!

    The Funfest Committee Inc.

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