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Children’s Crossing Gets Final Upgrade

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Kumbia State School's new children's crossing will be getting its third - and final - upgrade over the next few weeks; these striking road markings were installed in September

December 6, 2017

The South Burnett Regional Council began finalising the upgrade of the children’s crossing in Bell Street, Kumbia adjacent to Kumbia State School on Monday.

The first stage of the project was completed in May when the former crossing located outside Kumbia Police Station in the 60kph zone was shifted closer to the school gate to place it in the 40km/h zone.

The second stage occurred in September, when large School Zone markings were painted on the highway on either side of the crossing.

The final stage will cover the area between Roberts Street and Enderby Street and will include road widening, kerbing and channelling, a new concrete footpath, traffic islands at the crossing, signage, line marking and bitumen sealing.

The children’s crossing is a joint effort between Transport and Main Roads, Kumbia police, the Kumbia State School P&C Association and the South Burnett Regional Council.

A Council spokesperson said the latest works were being undertaken to provide a safer school environment and reduce ongoing maintenance.

The project is expected to be completed in January, weather permitting.

During construction, traffic past the site will be directed by traffic lights or traffic controllers, and minor disruptions are anticipated.

There may also be some restrictions to property access in the affected area for short periods, but residents will be notified in advanced by the onsite supervisor.

Any residents with concerns during the construction period should contact the onsite supervisor or the Council’s Customer Service Centres on (07) 4189-9100.

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One Response to Children’s Crossing Gets Final Upgrade

  1. Robert Head

    This should be a good safe addition for the Kumbia kids.

    It is a pity the the wording is not the other way around. This is OK if viewing from the air but as a motorist comes to the signage I believe it should read School Zone not Zone School.

    Driving around Brisbane lately I noticed that all the signs read Zone School. However most of the Keep Clear signs where motorist must allow room for others to enter or exit roads or private property read Clear Keep but a few read Keep Clear.

    All the signs alerting drivers to an upcoming pedestrian crossing read PED X not X PED. I also saw one painted on the road alerting drivers of a Stop Sign which read Stop Ahead.

    We should have consistency with signs and it make sense to have them be correct when approaching.

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