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Outrage After Trees Poisoned

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The vandals must have come prepared to chop and poison the street trees

November 13, 2017

News that a strip of trees in Fitzroy Street, Nanango appears to have been tordoned by vandals has sparked outrage among local residents.

Most of the vandalised trees were planted by the South Burnett Regional Council as part of its upgrade of Nanango’s CBD, which was completed in early 2016.

Others were planted before the upgrade began and are a few years older.

Parts of a stone garden bed outside Pricebusters Nanango have also been smashed, with several blocks looking like they have been hit with a heavy object.

News of the vandalism appeared on social media late on Monday night.

Nanango Real Estate proprietor Jane Erkens posted a series of photos on her Facebook page showing poisoned trees outside the Commercial Hotel, then expressed her disgust:

“So all the talk about doing things to encourage visitors and tourists to the town and the money spent on beautifying the main street. Some moron has poisoned at least five trees in town. You freaking hero, thanks for that,” Jane posted.

Others quickly agreed, with some describing the vandals as “pathetic” and “wicked mongrels”, while others expressed deep sorrow.

“That is so sad…” one woman posted. “I’ve had a few friends come to visit me this month including my son, all of them said how beautiful Nanango is looking.”

“How low can they get?” another asked. “Just when it has all been looking so great and inviting. Sick.”

“All that money wasted and now those lovely shady trees will die and no more shade to park under,” a third said. “Whatever happened to having pride in our town? I love Nanango and have only lived here a short time and this will not be a good look in our town where businesses try to make a living. The cost of this vandalism ultimately comes back on the ratepayer.”

The incident has also renewed calls for the installation of a CCTV system in Nanango’s CBD to catch any culprits who attempt the same thing in future.

On June 1 last year, Nanango’s Heritage Community Branch announced it had secured an $80,000 grant to install an 11-camera CCTV system in Nanango.

The new system is expected to monitor Drayton Street, Fitzroy Street and other streets in the CBD on a round-the-clock basis.

Anyone who knows anything about the street trees being poisoned should contact Nanango police or Crime Stoppers anonymously on 1800-333-000.

[Photos: Jane Erkens]

[UPDATED with correction]

The row of trees along Fitzroy Street that has been axed and poisoned

The vandal(s) took particular care with this tree, cutting the bark right at the base

It appears as if both trees facing Nanango's roundabout have been poisoned ...

... and one of the garden beds facing the roundabout has been vandalised, too

One of the trees outside Nanango's Commercial Hotel which has been poisoned by vandals

This tree has been axed in a fork, and is beginning to die ...

... while this one is already well on the way to its demise

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