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Mayor Calls For Police Action On Trees

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One of the trees outside Nanango's Commercial Hotel which has been poisoned by vandals

South Burnett Mayor Keith Campbell (Photo: SBRC)

November 14, 2017

South Burnett Mayor Keith Campbell has condemned the person or persons responsible for poisoning trees in Nanango’s CBD, and hopes police look into it to find those responsible.

On Tuesday, reported a number of trees in Fitzroy Street appeared to have been deliberately tordoned (ie cut with an axe or saw, then had herbicide poured into the cut).

The discovery provoked widespread community outrage, and the Mayor said he shared those views.

“It is deeply regrettable we have people in our community who are prepared to commit an act like this,” the Mayor said.

“This is worse than simply vandalising the trees. It was deliberate and premeditated.

“I understand the herbicide gets into the tree’s roots and from there into the soil, and contaminates that as well.

“So when Council replaces the trees, our staff will have to dig out and replace the soil, too.

“This will significantly increase the cost of fixing this up and that’s a cost to every ratepayer, no matter where they live.”

The Mayor said community reaction showed the majority of Nanango’s residents were very proud of their town, and looking forward to the day when the trees had grown into full shade trees.

He said the Fitzroy Street vandalism had set this back by several years in that part of the town’s CBD.

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