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Kids, Cars And Alcohol … A Deadly Mix

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A blood-spattered vehicle with P plates attached ... an all too common sight on Queensland roads

October 26, 2017

Ambulance paramedics and police were called to St Mary’s Catholic College on Wednesday, but parents can breathe easy … there was no emergency.

What was happening was a very realistic depiction of a fatal car crash, complete with “blood”, a “dying” passenger and a full complement of emergency personnel.

The DocuDrama, which involved Year 12 students Olivia Frahm, Courtney Burrows and Kassi Maclaren, is part of RACQ’s Secondary Schools Road Safety Program.

Year 12 students watched from a nearby slope as the drama unfolded below them.

In front of the crashed car lay Kassi, heaving and gasping for breath.

Driver Olivia stumbles out of the vehicle, empty alcohol cans topple out with her.

Front seat passenger Courtney rushes to help Kassi and dials Triple 0, despite Olivia’s urging her not to as she knows she’s been drinking.

An ambulance roars in and the paramedics quickly examine Kassi. As her breathing slows and then stops, one of the paramedics pronounces the grim words: “Significant head and chest injuries, incompatible with life.”

As the ambulance leaves with Courtney, Virgo Funerals’ plain white van arrives.

Kassi’s “body” is shrouded, placed in a body bag and driven away.

While this unfolds, Olivia is breath-tested and then arrested, handcuffed and placed in the police car.

Constables Ellen Meagher and Jemma Grant advise her that she will be charged with dangerous driving causing death.

This charge could bring up to 14 years’ jail.

A teenager's body lays on the ground in front of the vehicle ... apparently thrown from the vehicle

Kassi is unconscious, covered in blood and heaving and gasping for air

Driver Olivia and front seat passenger Courtney sit stunned after the crash

After rushing to check on her friend, Courtney phones Triple 0 and police and an ambulance are quickly on the scene

The ambulance paramedics unsuccessfully try to revive Kassi while Courtney is comforted by a police officer

Jason Talbot-Scobie and Jake Van der Weegen, from Virgo Funerals, lift the shrouded body into a body bag

... and the Virgos' van removes the "deceased" passenger from the scene

While the Virgos' van pulls away, Constable Jemma Grant breath tests driver Olivia, and delivers the bad news ... she's over the limit and will be arrested

* * *

The St Mary's Year 12 students watch on quietly as the drama unfolds before them

After the DocuDrama, presenters from the RACQ took the students through a session exploring the activities and decisions of the victims prior to the car crash.

They were also presented with facts and statistics about “The Fatal Five”. ie not wearing a seat belt, speeding, fatigue, drink and drug driving, and distraction.

The DocuDrama program will be running at Kingaroy State High School on Thursday.

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