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Councillors Kick Off Carpool Karaoke

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Deputy Mayor Kathy Duff and Cr Ros Heit kicked off Relay For Life's new Car Karaoke competition on Thursday with their version of the Batman theme ... can you do better?

September 14, 2017

by Dafyd Martindale

There are times in every reporter’s life when the world suddenly seems to move 10 degrees off kilter and you accidentally step into the Twilight Zone.

For me, that moment came on Thursday as I watched Deputy Mayor Kathy Duff and Cr Ros Heit belt out their version of the Batman theme to a video camera mounted on the dashboard of a seven-seat wagon.

If this had happened anywhere outside the South Burnett, both councillors would probably have been taken into care and any witnesses into counselling.

But because it was home, we were all unruffled and no one came to take us away.

Cr Duff, who was playing the part of Robin the Boy Wonder, was wearing a pink cape (really, a pink blanket tied with a safety pin), a pink mask cut from an old sock and the letter “R” (the latter two made with a pair of scissors).

Cr Heit (Batman) was wearing a $3 caped crusader mask she’d bought from a nearby discount store and a black cloak she’d found in the back of a closet.

While neither opted to wear their underpants on the outside, the new Captain Underpants movie was about to screen at the Satellite Cinema a few blocks away so they probably didn’t need to.

Both had also brought along paddle-boards pasted with trademark exclamations from the 1960s Batman TV show, and swore they’d put in at least five minutes practice.

Jacqui Hull, from Bill Hull Car Centre, leaned into the vehicle, turned on the videocam and closed the door.

Then both of us looked on as the dynamic duo enthusiastically launched into what will probably go down in history as one of the most … ummm … unusual car karaoke videos ever made.

After several takes, the pair climbed back into the car lot.

Cr Heit explained when she’d heard about Relay For Life’s car karaoke competition, she’d suggested to her husband Kerry that she and Cr Duff should enter it.

Since she hasn’t got a great singing voice, Kerry thought the Batman theme would be a perfect choice.

Cr Duff agreed, and a few days later they lined up an after work session with Jacqui.

Jacqui said the pair were the first to enter the competition, which is giving Relay For Life teams the chance to win one of three cash prizes towards their fund-raising efforts, and she hoped the Councillors’ effort would inspire other teams to have a go, too.

“Honestly, this is hilarious,” Jacqui said as she reviewed the dashcam video.

I had to agree – our Councillors’ car karaoke video is so gloriously bad it’s almost brilliant (and yes, maybe I still am in the Twilight Zone).

But if you want to make one of your own, give Jacqui a call on (07) 4162-2833.

Video: Cr Ros Heit and Deputy Mayor Kathy Duff sing the Batman theme

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  1. Penny Wise

    Wow, I watched the new It movie the other day and it’s not even scary or disturbing compared to this clip!

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