Volunteer-in-Policing and Kingaroy SES Group Leader Peter Verbakel, centre, who organised the morning, with Kumbia Neighbourhood Watch members Paul and Morris Winter

July 24, 2017

At least 40 vehicles on South Burnett roads will now be foiling would-be number plate thieves after a morning’s work by volunteers on Saturday.

Members of the Kingaroy SES and Kumbia Neighbourhood Watch joined local police officers on the vacant block near Repco in Kingaroy.

They were armed with screw-drivers – or occasionally a drill – to remove the old number plate screws and replace them with special anti-theft screws.

These can be tightened but cannot be removed except with special tools.

Volunteer-in-Policing Peter Verbakel, who organised the morning, was pleased with the roll-up.

Having a number plate stolen can be a real headache …

Thieves target number plates for many reasons: to disguise vehicles during petrol drive-offs, during robberies, and in the vain hope that police won’t notice the wrong plates are fixed to an unregistered vehicle.

The theft always causes a headache for the car owner: new plates have to be bought, insurance companies notified … and then there’s the speed camera fines which can arrive in the mail.

If you missed out on getting your number plates screws changed on Saturday, the one-way screws can also be purchased at Repco Kingaroy, who were one of the sponsors for the morning.

Sergeant Scott Prendergast, District Crime Prevention Co-Ordinator Senior Constable Jessica Lynch, Senior Constable Adam Entwistle and Constable Luke Norris
Some number plates came off easily; Sgt Scott Prendergast removes a plate …  (Photo: Peter Verbakel)
… and some were harder; SES members Graeme Beard and Joe Hafemeister found out
Neighbourhood Watch members Jeff Hills and Morris Winter fit theft-proof screws to Repco manager Graham Stead’s vehicle

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