A screen clip from the new yarraman.net town website

June 27, 2017

The Yarraman Progress Association has unveiled its new yarraman.net website, developed by local resident Helen Mead from the Moving Yarraman Forward Steering Committee.

Helen said the aim of the website was to showcase the Yarraman community and create interest and “intrigue” about experiencing Yarraman and the surrounding area.

The website features carousels of  photographs taken around the area, as well as historic shots, information about local attractions and businesses, history and current events.

Helen said the website would continue to be refined and evolve over time.

It  has links to the Yarraman Progress Association’s Facebook Page and an Instagram page is also under development.

Yarraman.net is one of the oldest town websites in the South Burnett region, dating back to at least 2001 when the Yarraman Historical Society was involved in the project.

Over the years, the website has enjoyed several makeovers and re-designs, and has offered various features at different times.

In 2001, it also included a business directory and was linked to tarongbusiness.org, the forerunner to www.southburnett.biz

And for a while, yarraman.net also live-streamed Yarraman community radio station Wild Horse FM.

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