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Fees And Charges To Rise 2pc

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The South Burnett Regional Council's fees and charges, covering everything from overdue book fines to food vendor licences, will rise by an average 2 per cent from July 1

Finance portfolio chair Cr Ros Heit

June 18, 2017

The cost of doing business with the South Burnett Regional Council will rise an average of 2 per cent from July 1.

Councillors voted unanimously to accept next year’s Fees and Charges Schedule at last Wednesday’s monthly meeting.

Most charges in the new schedule will rise to keep in step with CPI.

But some will stay the same as last year while others – such as hall hire fees for not-for-profit community groups – will rise.

The Council brings down a new schedule each year in advance of its Budget so pricing changes can be made to its billing and IT systems before July 1.

The schedule governs everything from how much the Council charges for photocopies to entry costs at the region’s swimming pools.

By law, Councils are encouraged to levy fees for their services on a cost-recovery model which should not be higher than the Council’s out-of-pocket cost to provide a service.

The latest rise is the lowest since 2013, and follows 2.5 per cent rises in 2014, 2015 and 2016.

Finance portfolio chair Cr Ros Heit said every effort had been made to keep this year’s rises in line with CPI.

Following an announcement made at the May meeting, though, the new schedule will introduce a flat 50 per cent discount rate for community groups who hire Council halls.

The new charge will prevent community groups being able to obtain a 100 per cent fee waiver by applying to Council for it.

The South Burnett Regional Council will hand down its 2017-18 Budget at a special meeting on June 26.

The new 2017-18 Register Of Fees And Charges will be available as a PDF download from the Council’s website on July 1.

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