Toowoomba Mayor Paul Antonio believes any further delays in approving Acland Stage 3 will threaten jobs and Toowoomba’s regional economy (Photo: New Hope Group)
Paul Antonio
Toowoomba Mayor Paul Antonio

November 3, 2016

Toowoomba Mayor Paul Antonio has urged Environment Minister Dr Steven Miles to prevent any further delays on a decision about the expansion of the New Acland coal mine west of Toowoomba.

A new underground water bill, currently before the State Parliament, could mean delays of up to 12 months for the project.

Mayor Antonio said this would threaten jobs and Toowoomba’s regional economy.

“I have written to the Minister today and outlined that while Council understands and respects the process underway, application of this legislation will result in further delays in the approvals process, despite New Hope having already met relevant requirements as they currently stand,” Mayor Antonio said.

The New Acland Mine is a major employer in the Toowoomba region.

The mine currently employs 275 staff, and there are 500 contractor jobs that rely on operations at the site.

“Further delays will threaten jobs and any down-turn in operations at New Acland will have a detrimental effect on our local economy, particularly the community of Oakey, which relies heavily on the economic activity generated at the mine,” the Mayor said.

“Therefore, my Council colleagues requested that I respectfully ask the Minister to consider an exemption for New Acland Stage 3 and, in doing so, seek his support for local workers and the broader economy of the Toowoomba region.”

The new underground water bill is due to be debated in the Queensland Parliament in the coming weeks.

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One Response to "Mayor Calls For Acland Expansion"

  1. There is so much development around Toowoomba so there are a lot of jobs that could be given to the locals of the Toowoomba region. Start to think ahead as to what will happen in 12 years when stage 3 has finished and there is no water and even less strategic land left to grow food, the dairies close to mine will have closed without water that could be supplying the milk factory that is to be built at wellcamp with the airport able to cart the produce over seas.

    Mining is only a very short time employment to feather the pockets of big companies that leave huge voids of contaminated water. Remember, nothing can live with out water. Health: how do we know the children living beside the open cut mine will not be also subjected to black lung? It has now been found in employees of open cut mining. I am worried for my grand children and all other children born and living beside the mine. Remember they are there 24/7, not just working there for 12 hours with some days off as well. Most of the employees do not live closer than 15kms to the mine.

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