October 26, 2016

by John Lacey

The Kingaroy Bowls Club’s Corporate League Challenge started its six week Spring season on Tuesday night, October 18.

Ten Kingaroy businesses have put in teams of four players and if the first round was any indication, it will be a very competitive competition.

The first round was played in slightly cool conditions and some of the players got off to a slow start.

But after a few ends, most found their line and length to show that they were up to the task.


  • Danuts (Dept of Ag Peanut Div) def. Surprise (Sth Burnett Regional Council) 7-6
  • Workshop (Sth Burnett Regional Council Workshop) def. Bowled and the Beautiful (Sth Burnett Regional Council Admin) 7-6
  • Ratbags (Dept of Justice) def. Bedrock (Sth Burnett Quarries) 7-6
  • Tarongos (Tarong Power Station) def. Awesome (Millers/Crossroads) 8-2
  • Misfits (Kingaroy Social) def. Ray’s Rebels (Ollies Mowers) 7-5

This week, Round Two was played in chilly but fine conditions.

Even though most of the players have never held a bowl in their hands before, most have now got the idea of the game now and are becoming very proficient in their style.


  • Surprise def. Awesome 10-1
  • Danuts def. S.B. Workshop 8-4
  • Tarongos def. Ratbags 9-2
  • Misfits def. Bowled and the Beautiful 7-5
  • Ray’s Rebels def. Bedrock 10-6

After the first two weeks, the ladder is:

There will be no play next Tuesday night because of the Melbourne Cup.

Round 3 will be played at the Kingaroy Bowls Club on November 8, kicking off at 7:00pm.

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