Moreton Resources’  latest map of its preferred mining lease area

October 16, 2016

Moreton Resources subsidiary MRV Tarong Basin Coal has lodged an application for a Mining Licence for its proposed Goodger open cut coal mine.

Executive chairman Jason Elks notified the ASX on Friday that the application had been lodged with the Department of Natural Resources and Mines.

The area sought is almost identical to the map first submitted by MRV Tarong Basin Pty Ltd to the Federal Government in May as part of its referral to have the project declared a “controlled action”.

The only obvious change is a boundary in the Boonenne Road area.

The Mining Lease Application area overlaps part of Moreton Resources’ MDL385 (the Cougar Energy area) and part of the exploration permit area that it acquired from Cockatoo Coal.

A number of lots fronting Bellbird Road would be affected, as well as properties in Weeks, Lankowskis, Boonenne, West Coolabunia, Murrays and Edenvale South roads (see image above).

Several of the properties are currently owned by Stanwell Corporation, acquired as part of the “buffer” zone to the Kunioon Coal Mine which did not proceed.

Also included in the application is a stretch of Kingaroy-Cooyar Road, which presumably would be closed if Moreton’s mine went ahead.

In a statement to the ASX, Mr Elks said the application was a “significant milestone” for the company after two years of work on the project.

He said Moreton was in a position to “progress multiple approval processes for what the company sees as a significant project for the South Burnett and the broader Queensland community”.

“In addition to this, the company has been notified that its ‘Draft Terms of Reference’ which is being co-ordinated by the Office of the Co-ordinator General, through the Department of State Development … is being published for public comment, which when submissions are closed and considered, will form the criteria of our Final Terms of Reference for consideration and response by the company through the permits and approvals processes.

“The company has undertaken several discussions with interested parties in the ‘South Burnett Coal Project’ and whilst deliberations are incomplete, the company is assessing its multiple options for funding and advancing the project.

“The company will inform the market upon any material updates as this project advances through the approvals process.”

* * *

KCCG spokesman John Dalton

The Kingaroy Concerned Citizens Group – the local residents action group opposing the coal mine – will be holding its AGM on Tuesday.

Spokesman John Dalton said the AGM would be followed by the group’s monthly meeting.

Business at the regular meeting would include:

  • The application for a mining lease that was submitted by Moreton Resources on Friday
  • The release of the Terms of Reference that are due on Monday, October 17
  • The lack of response by the State Govt to the KCCG letter asking for the Govt to buy back EPC 882 or MDL 385
  • Launch of the KCCG website
  • Launch of the 12 minute Kingaroy Mine video.

The meetings will be held from 7:00pm at the Town Common Hall in Oliver Bond Street, Kingaroy.

* * *

Moreton Resources Executive Chairman Jason Elks

Speaking after the announcement, Mr Elks said it was a significant in the advancement of the project.

“We are now well into the approvals processes, with the very genuine and real potential to move toward a mining operation in the South Burnett, subject to approvals and final investment decisions.” Mr Elks said.

“The project itself has certainly sparked interest with third party approaches related to an interest in the potential long-term mining operations, as to local, regional and national vendors and service providers wanting to assist us, bring this project to fruition.”

He said Moreton had “managed the last 12 months of community consultation via workgroups, community meetings and feedback with the South Burnett and wider regional area in relation to the South Burnett Project including a town office”.

“Leading into the Christmas period, the Company expects to wind down its on the ground focus until the new year, where a great deal of work will be completed in a very short time period.

“As we progress through these processes, we will maintain open channels of communication with the wider South Burnett community, as we have been to date, ensuring they are kept well-informed of all project advancements.

“It is the mandate of the company to hire local and utilise local services and infrastructure wherever possible, ensuring the surrounding communities reap the benefits of such an operation.

“Whilst we are still a long way from a final investment decision, we are certainly well on the way and we have set some very aggressive time lines for completion of our studies, permits and approvals.

“Historically, communities situated near to a mine have benefited from increased economic stimulus, increased land values and have enjoyed more employment opportunities. The South Burnett will be no different, however these things will not happen overnight.”

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