Three of this season’s most valued Junior players … Millie Doyle (Fire Queens), Mackenzie Gerber (Sassy Sisters) and Paige O’Connor (Purple Lightning)

September 13, 2016

The Nanango and District Netball Association celebrated its end-of-season Awards Night at the Nanango Skating Rink on Friday with a neon disco and pizza party.

All families were given their own netball to thank them for their participation in the season, and the following trophies were awarded:


  • Isabelle Winks
  • Samuel Spencer
  • Stevie Carey
  • Tayla Jean Cullen
  • Hannah O’Connor
  • Kellie Douglas
  • Wade Douglas
  • Parker Douglas

* * *

Junior Goal Shooter of the Year Hannah Reeve
Cadet Sportswoman Of The Year Lana Glenny

Junior Division Awards

Encouragement Award

  • Sassy Sisters – Amelya Mathews
  • Purple Lightning – Chelsea O’Connor
  • Wild Cats – Kayla Gutzke
  • Fire Queens – Charlotte Bourke

Most Valued Players

  • Sassy Sisters – Makenzie Gerber
  • Purple Lightning – Paige O’Connor
  • Wild Cats – Chloe McKenzie
  • Fire Queens – Millie Doyle

Most Improved Player

  • Sassy Sisters – Maleah Roberts
  • Purple Lightning – Sasha Smith
  • Wild Cats – Charlotte Winks
  • Fire Queens – Reide Fitzpatrick

Junior Goal Shooter of the Year (donated by the Smith family) – Hannah Reeve

Hannah has been giving 100% of her effort to shooting this year, and has improved immensely throughout the season; she’s also a great team player and displays great sportsmanship.

Junior Defensive Encouragement Award of the Year (donated by Carson family) – Eliza Lawless

Eliza has been an outstanding defence player throughout the season, always showing great effort on the court.

Junior of the Year 2016 – Makenzie Gerber

Makenzie has been a very good role model for the juniors this year and is well respected by her peers; she has also volunteered her time as an umpire, attended carnivals and often assisted around the clubhouse where help is required.

* * *

Mackenzie Gerber won Junior Umpire Of The Year, as well as Junior Of The Year
A very happy Jenna Nunn was selected as Senior Umpire Of The Year

Club Awards

Most Improved Umpire
Danika DeWeers

Junior Umpire (donated by P. Blake)
Makenzie Gerber

Senior Umpire (donated by P. Blake)
Jenna Nunn

Coach of the Year – Bella Badesso

Bella coached Team Sassy all the way to the Grand Final this year, and because of her coaching style has seen remarkable achievements in each of her players.

Club Person of the Year (donated by A. and K. Brockhurst) – Tash Gerber

Tash has been an outstanding club person this year, is Secretary of the NDNA committee, one of the parents who was at each working bee grinding down the courts, organised the Pine Rivers carnivals and advocated for more as well as coached Junior Team, Team Sassy and continued to assist the club when hosting our own carnivals.

* * *

Three of 2016’s Most Valued Cadets … Amie Frohloff, Lana Glenny and Sharkira Cherry

Cadet Division Awards

Encouragement Award

  • Blangers – Bree Duncombe
  • Elite Chix – Rayne Frost
  • Team Sassy – Ellen Quinn
  • Dream Team – Chloe Chudleigh

Most Improved

  • Blangers – Kate Beutel
  • Elite Chix – Kate Perrett
  • Dream Team – Katie Turnbull
  • Team Sassy – Emma Gersekowski

Most Valued Players

  • Blangers – Natasha Wolski
  • Elite Chix – Amie Frohloff
  • Team Sassy – Sharkira Cherry
  • Dream Team – Lana Glenny

Cadet Sportswoman of the Year – Lana Glenny

Lana has not only been the most valuable player on her Dream Team, but a very valuable association member, giving up her time for carnivals, as a coach to the Fire Queens, an umpire on the courts, a helper around the clubhouse and an outstanding role model for our other Association members.

[Photos: Nanango and Districts Netball Association]

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