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Good Roll-Up For Pub Day

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Ken Litherland, Kev Preece and Gina Ryder were the runners up at Kilcoy Bowls Club's most recent Pub Day competition, which drew good attendance numbers (Photo: KBC)

August 24, 2016

Kilcoy Bowls Club’s recent Pub Day drew a good roll-up of players and saw some healthy competition on the greens.


  • Second round winners were Peter Stanton’s team
  • First Round: James Schuilaz, Aaron Firth, Gerry Mooney and Paul West
  • Runners Up: Max Morrow, Kev Preece, Ken Litherland and Gina Ryder
  • Winners: Tony Gray, Michael Dunn, Pam Taylor and Grahame Derryman

* * *

In Ladies Pennants, Kilcoy travelled to Bongaree for their return match on Friday, August 12.

Both teams won, giving Kilcoy the overall win for the week’s matches.

On Tuesday, August 16 Kilcoy hosted Woodford with both Kilcoy teams again having a win, giving them the two points for the round.

The return match was played at Woodford on Thursday, August 18 where Kilcoy came out winners on the day yet again after two very friendly games.

The following Tuesday, August 23 the Kilcoy ladies travelled to Narangba where they were successful in both games, too.

The return match will be played at Kilcoy on Friday, August 26.

* * *

Grahame Derryman, Michael Dunn, Tony Gray and Pam Taylor were Pub Day winners (Photo: KBC)

In Men’s Pennants, Kilcoy played Narangba at home on Saturday, August 13 with both teams winning their games.

On Saturday, August 20 Kilcoy played a red hot Bongaree team at Kilcoy where they weren’t as fortunate – Bongaree came out the overall winners.

The next Men’s Pennants game will be on Saturday, August 27 when Kilcoy play Caboolture Lakes at Caboolture Lakes.

Teams are Peter Stanton, John Glanvill, Graham Chant and Tony Gray; and Jamie Mitchell, Leigh Irwin, Bill Edwards and Greg Staniforth.

Players should meet at the clubhouse at 11.30am, and for any changes skips they should contact Max Morrow on (07) 5497-1537.

* * *

Woodford bowlers Paul West, James Schuilaz, Aaron Firth and Gerry Mooney won the second round of Kilcoy's Pub Day competition (Photo: KBC)

In the Star of the Green competition on Tuesday, August 16 Jeff Welden defeated John Worrall and the jackpot did not go off.

In social bowls, winners for the day were Tim Powell, Harold Alford, Lex Biddle and Dawn Phillips who defeated Dennis Thomsen, Kelly Charters, Ian Smith and Peter Playford 23-16.

Other results:

  • Jeff Welden, Pam (visitor), Micheal Dunn and John Worrall def. Noel Lanes, Marg Dahl, Ernie Herbert and Lyn Chandler 22-13
  • Max (visitor), Horst Myer, Wendy Smith and Col Ferguson def. Bill Edwards, Nelly Herbert, Garry Jensen and Nev Johnston 17-15

This Tuesday, August 23 Jeff Welden continued his winning run in Star of the Green by defeating Horst Myer and will now play Darrin Welden next Tuesday, August 30.

The jackpot still did not go off and will rise to $274 next Tuesday.

Winners of the day were Bill Edwards, Ann Pope, Ernie Herbert and Lyn Chandler who defeated Noel Lanes, Wendy Smith, Dawn Phillips and Peter Playford 28-23.

Other results:

  • Roger Moat, Nelly Herbert, Horst Myer and Michael Dunn def. Pam Jones, Terry Pratten and Pauline Lawson 21-11
  • Max Jones, Kelly Charters and Col Ferguson def. Tim Powell, Ian Smith and Tom Brooks 25-5

And in the Mixed Triples Championships, Peter Stanton, John Glanvill and Gina Ryder defeated Kelly Charters, Nelly Herbert and Ernie Herbert 23-21 in a very close game.

* * *

On Kilcoy’s Blackboard:

  • Every Tuesday: Mixed Social Bowls; names by 9:00am for a 9:30am start
  • Friday, August 26: Ladies Pennants at Kilcoy against Narangba, 12:30pm start
  • Saturday, August 27: Men’s Pennants against Caboolture Lakes at Caboolture Lakes

* * *

Nanango News

Nanango’s two-day Winter Carnival was played on Saturday and Sunday, August 13-14 and it drew good attendance figures.

Saturday results (pairs):

  • Linda Cecil and Evan O’Rourke – 2w +22 +54
  • Brian Havell and Jim Fowler – 2w +18.5 +41
  • Wanda and Steve Carland – 2w +15.5 +39
  • Peter Ward and A. Litzow – 1w1d+18
  • L. Saunders and H. Bliesner – 1w1d+16.5
  • K. and J. Muller – 1w1d+15
  • Kev Profke and H. Johnson – 1w1l+19.5
  • C. and M. Macloud – 1W1L+16
  • W. Thatcher and B. Grant – 1w1l+15.5
  • G. Pogson and D. Stewart – 1w1l+14.5
  • S. Tucker and A. Wright – 1w1l+14
  • G. Wolski and B. Dugdell – 1w1l +14
  • D. Munro and G.Clutterbuck – 1w1l +13.5
  • K. and J. Fisher – 1d1l +10.5
  • T. George and M.Smith – 2l +14
  • D. Lane and T.Kilford – 2l+13
  • S. and G. Yeates – 2l+11.5
  • N. Currell and N. Johnston – 2l +8.5

Sunday results (fours):

  • C. Lorkin, C. Watters, B. Heness and A. Barsby – 3w+29 +59
  • G. Wolski, M. Fitch. J. Moore and B. Dugdell – 2W1D+23.5 +48
  • C. Macleod, R. Costello, G. Turner and M. Macleod – 2w+25.5 +46
  • J. Fowler’s team – 2w 23.5 +46
  • H. Bliesner’s team – 2w 22 +44
  • G. Yeates’ team – 2w+19 +33
  • R. Olsson’s team – 2w +19+31
  • A. Litzow’s team – 1w2l +22
  • T. Kilford’s team – 1w2l+18
  • S. Carland’s team – 1w2l +18.5
  • H. Johnson’s team – 1w2l+18
  • Ross’s team – 1w2l+15
  • A. Ward’s team – 1d2l+19
  • B. Hammond, D. Drew, D. Powys and W.Arthur – 3L +22

* * *

Tuesday, August 16 was Madam Presidents Day and 40 players took to the green for a fun game with the winners drawn from a hat.


  • D. Malpas, M. Guyatt, R. Maclaren, V. Jepperson – 32
  • B. Coyne, E. Smith, K. Dugdell, H. Keading – 14
  • A. Anderson, B. Bougoure, C. Kratzman, D. Stewart – 21
  • M. Holt, M. Smith, D. Fitch, D. Reed – 17
  • G. Emel, G. Slater. J. Malpas. H. Johnson – 22
  • L. Halliday, D. McNeilage, E. Jensen, S. Tucker – 21
  • D. Moore, G. Wolski, A. Mitchell, L. Cecil – 35
  • M. Wyatt, B. Wallace, G. Yeates, P. Darlington – 8
  • K. Sulter, J. Moore, C. Rewald, D. Lane – 20
  • J. Saunders, A. Smith, E. Owens, A. Bellert – 12

* * *

On Nanango’s Blackboard:

  • Tuesday, Aug 30: Yarraman Lady President’s Day
  • Thursday, Sep 1: Tansey Ladies Carnival
  • Saturday, Sep 10: Kingaroy Ladies Only Carnival (2 day event)
  • Sunday, Sep 11: Durong Men’s President’s Day
  • Thursday, Sep 15: Kingaroy Trophy Day – 1:00pm start
  • Saturday, Sep 17: Self-selected triples at Yarraman – 12:30pm start
  • Sunday, Sep 18: Goomeri Clocktown Carnival
  • Thursday, Sep 22: Gayndah Lady President’s Day
  • Saturday, Sep 24: Tansey Blue Gums Carnival (2 day event)
  • Every Friday: Scroungers at 3:00pm
  • Every Tuesday: Men’s Social (mufti) at 12:30pm – ladies welcome!

* * *

Yarraman News:

The Yarraman Bowls Club will be holding a big fundraising day on Saturday, August 27 to help fund the construction of the new u-beaut barbecue area plus furnishings.

Play will take the form of 21 ends of lawn bowls and players should be on the grounds by 10:00am for a cuppa and a biscuit so they can start playing on the greens at 10:30am.

Green fees are $20, and after the first 10 ends everyone will adjourn for lunch (a hamburger followed by an ice cream), after which the remaining 11 ends will be played to determine the day’s champions.

Scoring will be a point for each end won and five points for a win, with winners playing winners and losers playing losers in the second half.

There will also be a huge multi-draw raffle of sponsored prizes, and tea, coffee, cake and biscuits will be available at the end of the day.

There will be entertainment for children, too, if you have to bring some along.

* * *

On Yarraman’s Blackboard:

  • Every Sunday: Social Bowls, 1:00pm start, club select
  • Every Wednesday: Ladies Bowls, 9:00am start – 3rd Wednesday is Trophy Day

* * * welcomes reports from lawn bowls clubs about their activities. We invite any interested group to submit their reports to us by emailing them to [email protected]

Reports should be written in Microsoft Word and any photographs submitted should be high-resolution, in .JPG format and preferably uncropped.

Please also include a contact phone number in case we need to clarify anything with you. We reserve the right to edit reports.

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