It's a long way to the top if you want to see an avocado roll ... but cyclists will be pedalling from Linville to Blackbutt on Saturday, September 10 to do just that (Photo:

August 23, 2016

A group of up to 60 cyclists from the Brisbane Valley will be riding up the Blackbutt Range on Saturday, September 10 for a day of fun and avocados.

The Brisbane Valley Rail Trail Users Association announced on Tuesday they plan to run a 44km bike ride especially for the event.

The Bloomin Beautiful Blackbutt Avocado Festival 2016 Bike Ride will travel along the Brisbane Valley Rail Trail from Linville to Blackbutt on Saturday morning, starting at 8:30am.

Once the group arrive in Blackbutt, riders plan to spend several hours enjoying the Avocado Festival, then have lunch at the Blackbutt Bakery.

After this, they can either have a sedate ride back down the rail trail, or take an optional diversion along Rohlmann’s track for an exciting and scenic downhill run.

The ride is being organised by Paul Heymans and is open to anyone who’d like to take part, including South Burnett cyclists.

Ride cost is $10 and the maximum number of riders is limited to 60.

More details can be obtained by phoning Paul on 0417-342-854 or by email.

Bookings for the ride can be made on the BVRT website.

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