The green area shows the blocks relinquished by Moreton Resources this week

Moreton Resources managing director Jason Elks

Cultural Heritage Plan Registered

Moreton Resources also announced on Tuesday that it had come to an agreement under the Aboriginal Cultural Act with with local native title claimants (known as Wakka Wakka #5) in relation to the coal project.

Mr Elks said a Cultural Heritage Management Plan had been registered with the Department of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Partnerships.

“Whilst this now requires the company to advance all activities under a specific duty of care in consultation with the claimant group for cultural heritage matters, the company sees this as the start of a positive and progressive relationship with the claimant group and broader Indigenous groups within the South Burnett,” Mr Elks said.

“The company respects the importance of the traditional owners whom have been custodians of these lands for many generations.”

He said Moreton was keen to discuss with Indigenous groups employment, business creation and development opportunities as the project advanced.

‘The company sees this as a major step forward in the advancement of our project, and we are extremely pleased by this outcome and the benefits it will generate, as we advance the South Burnett coal project,” Mr Elks said.

May 10, 2016

Moreton Resources has given up part of its exploration tenement – four blocks immediately east of Taabinga Village which also include Kingaroy Airport – in a bid to ease local opposition to its proposed coal mine.

In a statement to the ASX on Tuesday, managing director Jason Elks said MRV Tarong Basin Coal Pty Ltd, the fully owned subsidiary of Moreton Resources, had “consistently assured residents and stakeholders that the area was not to be mined, nor used for mining lease application purposes”.

However, the four blocks had been identified as an area of major concern to the South Burnett community because of their proximity to Kingaroy.

Mr Elks said relinquishing the blocks was “a significant step forward in again assuring the community of the South Burnett that the company will continue to deliver upon its commitments and assurances”.

“The move comes on the back of significant consultation with key stakeholder groups throughout the South Burnett over several months, and as outlined, shows the level of commitment the company has to open and transparent dealings with the community,” he said.

Mr Elks said relinquishing the four blocks would require a 91 Mt decrease in the coal resource estimate previously submitted to the ASX.

He said Moreton Resources was expecting to progress the following during the next financial quarter:

  • Begin the the Queensland State-based environmental assessment process
  • Seek to have a declaration made, under the Commonwealth approvals process, that the proposed development will be a “controlled action”.

Controlled actions, under Federal legislation, require Commonwealth approval and are subject to a formal assessment and approval process.

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  1. “The company respects the importance of the traditional owners whom have been custodians of these lands for many generations.” How about the rights of the current owners – like none?

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