Kingaroy Concerned Citizen Group members – and potential neighbours of a new coal mine – John Dalton, Gary Tessmann and  Neralie O’Sullivan (Photo: KCCG)

September 6, 2015

Landholders living and farming near a proposed coal mine near Kingaroy say they are still concerned despite their recent meeting with Moreton Resources CEO Jason Elks.

Kingaroy Concerned Citizens Group spokesman John Dalton said affected landholders were left with the impression that the proposed mine has poor commercial prospects.

“They believe that the meeting was merely a public relations exercise by Moreton Resources which excluded facts indicating that the mine is most unlikely to ever be developed,” Mr Dalton said.

“Landholders’ concerns about the mine include the limited market for the coal, the location just five kilometres outside of Kingaroy, and the potential impact on some of the best cropping land in the district.”

He said landholders considered it is unlikely that Stanwell would purchase coal from a proposed Moreton Resources mine.

“Stanwell already has vast reserves of coal from their nearby Meandu mine and a reserve mine at Kunioon,” Mr Dalton said.

“The Moreton Resources’ proposed mine would also be located over 20km from (Tarong) Power Station, and coal would need to be transported via a conveyor or trucks.”

Mr Dalton also warned there may be no new jobs created by a new coal mine as Stanwell’s existing Meandu mine would be displaced by the proposed supply from the Moreton Resources’ mine.

“This could result in substantial job losses for Stanwell employees. It would still be just one mine and not two,” he said.

“That is not more jobs or economic activity. It’s a swap, not an addition.

“If Moreton believes that they can mine coal cheaper than Meandu, and transport it further, chances are they will need a smaller workforce than the existing Meandu mine. That is jobs lost, and not jobs gained.

“It difficult to imagine a worse location for a coal mine or worse prospects to market the coal.”

Mr Dalton said at the recent meeting of the Kingaroy Concerned Citizens Group, it was agreed the group should support existing local industries, preserve the best food-producing resources, and not entertain purely speculative proposals.

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  1. No to the mine – my young family moved to Kingaroy for the friendly people and the clean environment 4 years ago. We don’t need nor want a coal mine on our front door step. Please stop the mine.

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