Chef Jason Ford will be preparing his recipes live on stage during Bloomin’ Beautiful Blackbutt
(Photo: Ford On Food)

August 12, 2014

Kingaroy chef Jason Ford is hard at work planning avocado-inspired recipes for September’s Bloomin’ Beautiful Blackbutt Festival.

Jason will showcase the versatility of locally grown avocados when he performs cooking demonstrations during the festival.

“I want to demonstrate recipes that are healthy, quick and can be made on a limited budget,” he said.

“Avocado is a regional product of the area, grown all over the area,” he said.

Locally they’re grown at Kumbia, Blackbutt and Nanango.

“In fact, avocado is the quiet achiever of regional cuisine,” he said.

One of the recipes Jason will be demonstrating will be his tasty creation of “spicy avocado and pumpkin guacamole”.

“The recipe is an example of how avocado can be turned into a delicious and healthy snack,” he said.

“The natural fat found in avocado is mostly monounsaturated fat, which has the same healthy properties as olive oil. They don’t contain any cholesterol, as commonly mistaken, but they do contain more fat than any other fruit – yes, they are a fruit.”

Festival-goers will be able to catch Jason at the Blackbutt Showgrounds from 10:30am on Saturday, September 13.

* * *

Organisers say South Burnett residents will get the chance to enjoy six festivals in one at this year’s Bloomin’ Beautiful Blackbutt.

“The committee was determined to make this festival bigger and better than our previous years,” festival committee chairman Jeff Connor said.

“We wanted to ensure that there was something for everyone. There are a lot more bands and entertainment for children this year as well as all of our competitions and demonstrations.

“We have expanded the amount of entertainment, stalls and displays and we now have six separate themed venues.”

The venues are:

1. Blackbutt Showground – “Prepare to Hit the Trail” and “Bands at the Butt”

2. Blackbutt Railhead and Rail Trails – “Let’s Get Physical” and “Lookin’ Back”

3. Les Muller Park and Library – “Kids Central”

4. The Main Street – “Sing, Stroll and Shop”

5. Town Common and Memorial Hall – “Hand Made In The Country”

6. The Butt – Top to Bottom – cross the Highway to “Learn, Stroll and Dine”

“The festival is heavily supported by many local organisations, including gardening, craft and photography clubs and the Rural Fire Brigade,” Mr Connor said.

“We have the PCYC organising physical events at the Railhead, where there is also a family friendly scavenger hunt.”

This year’s Bloomin’ Beautiful Blackbutt Festival will be held on September 13-14.

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