Miss Showgirl entrants Sarah-Lee Carter, Louise Black and Hayley Eldridge with Show Society president Less Schloss, 2013 Miss Showgirl Emma Cramp, (fourth from left), and competition organiser Gloria Fleming, (far right)

March 31, 2014

A large crowd turned out on Saturday night at Nanango Showgrounds to find out who would be sashed the 2014 Nanango Miss Showgirl.

The evening, which was compered by local author Liz Caffery, is a traditional curtain-raiser for the Nanango Show which will be held on April 11-12.

The Nanango Showgirl competition is always keenly contested.

Mrs Caffery said the past five Miss Showgirls had gone on to the South Burnett Sub-Chamber, representing the region at State level.

Four recent Rural Ambassadors have also gone on from Nanango to represent the South Burnett.

“I must mention two exceptional successes,” Mrs Caffery said.

“In 2010, Wade Timms was awarded the State and then the National Rural Ambassador award, that is top echelon indeed.

“In 2012, Amy Wicks merited the State award.”

Last year’s Miss Nanango Showgirl, Emma Cramp,  announced the winners of the 2014 Nanango Rural Ambassador, Miss Junior Showgirl and Miss Teen Showgirl before introducing the entrants in the main Miss Showgirl competition.

She then quizzed each of them with joking questions in front of the crowd.

However, the real judging had been done earlier in the day when the entrants were put their paces by judges Jeanette and Wayne Browning and Marion Campbell at nearby Ringsfield House.

The evening was sponsored by local Avon representative Margie Lee-Madigan who presented each of the entrants with a gift.

This year’s winners were:

  • Miss Nanango Showgirl: Louise Black
  • Miss Teen Showgirl: Sarah Waters
  • Miss Junior Showgirl: Charli Clark
  • Rural Ambassador: Sheena Uebergang.
Sheena Uebergang
2014 Rural Ambassador winner Sheena Uebergang with her two youngsters Emma 5, and James, 4

Miss Teen Showgirl Sarah Waters, 15, was sashed by 2013 Miss Showgirl Emma Cramp

2014 Miss Nanango Showgirl Louise Black was sashed by 2013 winner Emma Cramp
2013 Miss Showgirl Emma Cramp sashed 2014 Miss Junior Showgirl Charli Clark, 8

Miss Teen Showgirl entrant Ema Nunn with Miss Junior Showgirl Charli Clarke

Miss Teen Showgirl Sarah Waters with Miss Teen entrant Emma Franz
The three judges … Jeanette and Wayne Browning and Marion Campbell

Earlier at Ringsfield House

[Photos: Clive Lowe Photography]

Judges Jeanette and Wayne Browning and Marion Campbell with, centre, 2014 Miss Showgirl entrants Hayley Eldridge, Louise Black and Sarah-Lee Carter (Photo: Clive Lowe)
Shanae Van Den Brink, Brook Smith, Carly Smith, Emma Franz, Ema Nunn and Sarah Waters
Nanango’s Miss Teen Showgirl 2014 entrants Shanae Van Den Brink, Brook Smith, Carly Smith, Emma Franz, Ema Nunn and Sarah Waters (Photo: Clive Lowe)
Miss Nanango Showgirl entrant Sarah-Lee Carter was backed by a big support team including Ken and Sheryl Mills and David Evans (Photo: Clive Lowe)

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