Ian Crosthwaite
Kingaroy Landcare secretary
Ian Crosthwaite

August 8, 2013

South Burnett Regional Council and Kingaroy Landcare are looking at more ways they can work in partnership.

“Council has been working closely with Kingaroy Landcare and other organisations to roll out projects that achieve our environmental goals for the region,” South Burnett Regional Council’s Coordinator of Natural Resources Denise Whyte said.

“Years ago the Council developed a Remnant Vegetation Strategy and we involved Landcare in the consultation process. Since then there has been a lot of co-contribution on projects. There is a history of shared goals whilst respecting each other’s strengths and grass roots community communication.”

The two groups worked together on the removal and control of broad-leafed Privet in the Stuart River.

They are now looking at advocacy and strategic planning in regards to other weeds in the catchment, particularly focusing on how bio-control can be used for Madeira Vine and Cats Claw Creeper.

“Kingaroy Landcare is a small but very passionate group. It works well for our organisation to partner with Council on these projects as they have resources that we don’t have,” Kingaroy Landcare Group secretary Ian Crosthwaite said.

“By collaborating we are able to ensure there is community engagement and communication with the land holders.

“Landcare works with Council by promoting the projects and getting people to identify additional environmental needs and projects.

“Our next collaborative project could possibly be to look at some of Council’s plans and strategies such as the Pest Management or Biodiversity Plan. We would like to focus on one part that is important for the Landcare group and then engage with council on, and go from there.”

Mrs Whyte said Council’s relationship with Landcare had been a long and successful one and she looked forward to working on future environmental projects with them and other groups.

“We have a lot of organisations who are passionate about our environment and our achievements are thanks to the people who volunteer their time to these groups,” she said.

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