A trailer full of PALS lighting units, built and developed by the Murgon SES Support Group
The PALS lighting units, built and developed by the Murgon SES Support Group.

July 29, 2013

Another two trailer loads of PALS (Personal Assistant Lighting System) have been built, thanks to the Murgon SES Support Group and the BIEDO Grant Angel program.

The Murgon SES Support Group developed the lighting technology to make attending emergency situations easier and safer for SES volunteers.

An initiative of the not-for-profit Support Group, the PALS project finds funding for the parts; to the tune of more than $30,000 per trailerload of PALS.

The lighting units are then built by a team of volunteers and donated to SES groups throughout Queensland.

More than 60 PALS have been donated across 20 SES groups since 2009.

“The BIEDO Grant Angel service has been instrumental in helping many SES groups gain this great technology,”  Murgon SES Support Group president Allan Jensen said.

“The Grant Angel helps source funding and write the grant application. The most recent donations of PALS would not have been possible without the Grant Angels.”

As a way to raise ongoing funds, the Murgon SES Support Group is also hiring out PALS for event area lighting. Funds raised by the Support Group are used to provide necessary equipment and provisions for SES groups.

For more information about the PALS lighting systems, or area lighting hire, phone the Murgon SES Support Group on 0458-425-146.

For more information about the BIEDO Grant Angel program, contact Belinda at the BIEDO office on (07) 4169-7851.

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