Sophie Grundy, 8, Taabinga SS; Hannah Armstrong, 10, Wondai SS; Hannah Lee, 10, Taabinga SS; and Hannah Elliott, 8, Kingaroy SS

July 24, 2013

The second annual South Burnett Equestrian Challenge attracted 85 children – and some of the region’s best horses – to the Kingaroy Showgrounds on Tuesday.

The challenge is organised by St Mary’s Catholic College to coincide with Catholic Education Week but is open to all schools in the South Burnett region.

Students taking part this year were from schools at Bell, the Brisbane School of Distance Education, Coolabunia, Goomeri, Kingaroy SS & SHS, Kumbia, Murgon SHS, Nanango SHS, St Mary’s, Taabinga, Tanduringie and Wondai.

They competed in races including barrel, keyhole, bending and diamond flag; as well as dressage, jumping and hacking.

Event organiser John Dalton, from St Mary’s, said many of the riders were preparing to take part in the Fraser Coast equestrian competition in August, so similar events had been scheduled in Kingaroy to give them valuable competition practice.

Mr Dalton said a lot of people had helped to make the day a success, in particular the parents of the students and the helpers from each school.

“It’s an amazing effort by all the parents. Just look at all the horse floats and the quality of the horseflesh,” he said.

“They really take it very seriously and are willing to take time off work to come along.

“Schools don’t usually get into equestrian events but we’re doing it because the kids up here love horses.”


5-7 Years
Age Champion – Taabinga SS – Jordyn O’Toole, “Sunny”
Reserve Age Champion – Taabinga SS – Mackenzie Grundy, “Shatan”

8 Years
Age Champion – Coolabunia SS – Bonnie Brunner, “Cha Cha”
Reserve Age Champion – Taabinga SS – Sophie Grundy, “Cameo”

9 Years
Age Champion – Kumbia SS – Zoey Young, “Hamish”
Reserve Age Champion – Bell SS – Taylah Hancock, “Blue”

10 Years
Age Champion (tie) – Kumbia SS – Isobel Bredhauer, “Flash”; and St Mary’s – Patrick Frohloff, “Euston Royal Ascot Bundaleer”
Reserve Age Champion – Taabinga SS – Hannah Lee, “Voranica”

11 Years
Age Champion – Kumbia SS – Katie Bredhauer, “Madam”
Reserve Age Champion – Bell SS – Kevin Hancock, “Hayley”

12 Years
Age Champion – Blackbutt SS – Karlie Rosentreter, “Pacific View Acrobat”
Reserve Age Champion – Kumbia SS – Jordon Young, “Pippa”

13 Years
Age Champion – Nanango SHS – Tayla Murray, “Stanley Boy”
Reserve Age Champion – Kingaroy SHS – Samantha Lee, “Miss Dixie Chick”

14 Years
Age Champion – Nanango SHS – Stacey Sanders, “Shandy”
Reserve Age Champion (tie) – Goomeri P-10 – Lachlan Rockemer, “Shameless”; and Kingaroy SHS – Rachel Armstrong, “Sugar”

15 Years
Age Champion – Murgon SHS – Lauren Clark, “Strawberry”
Reserve Age Champion – Nanango SHS – Carly Smith, “Sox”

16-18 Years
Age Champion – St Mary’s – Gabe Crane, “Commando”
Reserve Age Champion – Brisbane School Distance Ed – Madeline Rockemer, “BJ”

[UPDATED July 25]

Competition organiser John Dalton, from St Mary's Catholic College ... "the kids up here love horses"

Chloe Reidy, Year 8 at Kingaroy State High School, with "Olivia"
Bridget Barkle, Year 10 at St Mary's, with "Tallulah"
Danielle Strachan, Nanango SHS, with "Robby" who was taking part in his first competition
Year 9s Gabby Wooler and Brook Smith, from Nanango State High School
Meet the Clarks ... Myles (Year 6, Goomeri P-10), Rhonda, Meaghan (Year 8, Goomeri P-10), Ross and Lauren (Year 11, Murgon SHS) with "Kia"

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