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Cruisers Raise An Amazing $20,770

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The Kingaroy Cruisers ... Back row, from left, Ken Goodhew, Keith Parker, Wayne Hoger, Clint Andrewartha, Dale Goodhew; middle row, Tanya Brown, Barry Dempsey, Kerry Stumm, Kelsey Hoger, Courtney Jones, Shawn Reed, Brett Fleischfresser; front row; Katelyn Hoger, Cathy Goodhew, Josie Potter, Laurell Jones, Jenny Hoger, Chrissa Reed; not pictured: David, Danny, Patrick and Michael Langan, Trina and Mark Bucknall, Caite Brewer, Sharron Flannery, Cyrel Wright, Richard Chapman, Scott McLennan, Peter Watt, Deb Albury, Noel Cronin, Peter Thompson and Royce Bell (Photo: Jacek Bak Photography)

June 27, 2013

It’s amazing what a group of friends and family members can achieve when they put their minds – and muscles – to it!

The Kingaroy Cruisers raised an amazing $20,770 for MS Queensland by taking part in the Brissie To The Bay pushbike ride on Sunday.

The Brissie to the Bay fundraiser consisted of four courses: 10km, 25km, 50km and 100km rides, all starting and finishing at Musgrave Park in South Brisbane.

Team spokeswoman Josie Potter, who despite being diagnosed with multiple sclerosis (MS) about 13 years ago has now taken part in three Brissie To The Bay rides, chalked up another personal milestone, successfully completing the 50km course.

In 2011 she rode 10km; then last year she completed the 25km ride.

“The last 10km (of the 50km) was pretty messy, but I got there with a lot of help from my coach, Barry (Dempsey),”  she said.

“I didn’t quite make my four-hour deadline as I had to stop a lot of times and towards the end Barry had to assist me to get my feet back into the cages after stops as my legs and feet were shaking quite badly.

“It was a much harder, hillier course than I realised it would be and it really took mental effort at the end to keep going. But, having said that,  I completed the whole course and didn’t walk any part of it!”

But Josie wasn’t the only member of the team to have MS.

Laurelle Jones, from Wooroolin – who originally wasn’t going to ride – completed the 10km route, as did Trina Bucknall, from Kingaroy.

It was the first time either had taken part in the annual event.

“It takes a lot of courage to take that first step to try and they did themselves proud,” Josie said.

The Kingaroy Cruisers team had 34 riders.

Thirteen riders completed the 100km route:  Cathy Goodhew, Ken Goodhew, Dale Goodhew, Keith Parker, Kerry Stumm, Scott McLennan, Peter Watt, Shaun Reed, Tanya Brown, Royce Bell, Richard Chapman, Clint Andrewartha and Brett Fleischfresser.

Twelve completed the 50km: Josie Potter, Barry Dempsey, David Langan, Patrick Langan, Michael Langan, Danny Langan, Chrissa Reed, Deb Albury, Noel Cronin, Wayne Hoger, Kelsey Hoger and Cyrel Wright.

“Caite Brewer, Sharron Flannery, Jenny Hoger, Katelyn Hoger completed the 25km; and Trina Bucknall, Mark Bucknall, Peter Thompson, Laurell Jones and Courtney Jones completed the 10km,” Josie said.

“Courtney was originally going to ride the 100km for her mum but elected to ride with her mum to help her get through the 10km.

“Thank you to everyone who has supported us in any way and thank to you the wonderful family and friends who turned up on the day to cheer us on.

“It made for a very special day for myself and the other team members.

“Hopefully in our own small way we are helping to raise awareness of MS within our local community.

“And the million dollar question …  no, I am not planning to tackle the 100km – unless someone takes me on a tandem. I think I need to practice the
50km a bit more yet!”

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