Tyre tracks up to 8cm deep in the middle of the Kingaroy Junior Soccer Grounds
(Photo: Tracey Tunstall)

March 6, 2013

Was it deliberate act of vandalism or just an inconsiderate idiot? Either way, the Kingaroy Junior Soccer fields have again been churned up by hoons.

The U12/13 and U8 fields have tyre marks crossing them, at points up to 8cm deep.

Kingaroy Junior Soccer Club president Tracey Tunstall announced the damage on Facebook yesterday.

If the driver of the vehicle(s) involved can read, they may wish to skip town … if the comments on Facebook are anything to go by, there’s a lot of angry people out there.

The Kingaroy Junior Soccer Committee had been nursing the ground through the recent wet weather to make sure the surfaces would be safe for the start of the season.

“Unfortunately all the hard work the committee has been doing to keep the fields safe for the players for the season has just been wrecked by the thoughtless act of some,” Tracey said.

Hoons caused similar damage to the grounds last May forcing parents to labour long and hard to repair the damage.